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A 2025 release date is looking solid for the PCle 7, with alleged read speeds of 60GB/sec

Last Updated on April 4, 2024
The PCl Express 7.0 logo on a blue purple background
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For those looking forward to the PCle 7, we’ve got good news for you. The technology, slated for a full release in 2025, is more than likely on track for this date. With the release of the 0.5 version on PCI-SIG, everything is in order for the release of the full 1.0 coming next year.

The PCl Express 7.0 will feature some impressive specs, seeing as how bandwidth doubles with each generation. It will be four times faster than the PCle 5, being capable of a maximum data rate of 128 GT per second. When integrated into the right SSD, we could see a PCle 7 capable of sequential transfer rates of up to 60 GB per second. While this is a remarkable speed for any device, it will be a while before we see this technology integrated into hardware for gaming enthusiasts.

PCle 7 is on track for 2025 release, but gamers likely won’t see it for a while

The PCl Express 7.0 may be finally released in 2025, however, it’s not likely we’ll see devices sporting the technology until 2026. And, since it is mostly designed for enterprises focused on AI, it will be even longer for gamers to see the tech make its way to devices built for them. Estimates now are putting gaming hardware featuring PCle 7 not releasing until 2027 or 2028.

For now, even PCle 5 is still uncommon to see in gaming components. PCle 6 hasn’t made its way to our side of the river yet, and that puts PCle 7 even further away. However, the current SSD controller tech wouldn’t even allow for the performance PCle 7 is capable of producing. The rest of the industry will have to make plenty of advancements before they benefit from the technology.

As for now, the PCle 4 is perfect for plenty of gamers. It doesn’t bottleneck the GeForce RTX 4090, which is arguably the most powerful GPU on the market currently. Plenty of manufacturers, like Nvidia and AMD, are able to make great mid-range components with the PCle already available. It will be quite a long time before gamers benefit from the PCl Express 7.

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