A Prototype AiO could rival traditional CPU coolers and make pumps obsolete

A gaming cooling unit with a fan attached to it.

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There’s always an audience for computer enthusiasts looking to make their systems more efficient without giving up necessary perks, like running quietly. That’s why plenty are getting excited about some new tests conducted by Der8auer, where a prototype AiO CPU cooler from Wieland, called Cold Plate Gaming, tested only eight degrees Celsius higher than a traditional Corsair AiO.

The tests, performed by Der8auer on his YouTube channel, had him testing a prototype of the cooler, which uses thermosyphon technology. This special CPU cooler has a feature that could be the future of gaming: the absence of a pump. Instead, it has two tubes connected to the CPU block that house fluid to keep the CPU cool. It’s significantly less bulky than a pump and has the added perk of having little to no noise.

Wieland Cold Gaming Plate could be the future of CPU coolers

The tests Der8auer conducted gave a score of 70 degrees Celsius for the typical AiO cooler and 77 degrees for the Wieland prototype using gaming benchmarks. On a single run of Cinebench R23, the temperatures were 95.2 degrees for the AiO cooler and 95 degrees for the prototype. For those unfamiliar, these are very impressive scores, and with the added bonuses that come with the Wieland Cold Plate Gaming, there could be a shift in market demand for CPU coolers without pumps.

The CPU cooler is still just a prototype, though, so many parts of the design are likely unfinished. However, with Wieland’s impressive results in cooling, this is already something enthusiasts can get excited about. CPU coolers have always been bulky and a bit noisy, and any product that can eliminate these downsides is sure to catch the community’s attention. Better yet, it still keeps all the performance needed.

Wieland may not be the most well-known company when it comes to CPU cooling, but they’ve been in the game for a while now, and with a promising thermosyphon cooler in the works, it could easily put them on the map for more innovative designs like this in the future. In time, and with more advancements, it could even rival the best CPU coolers on the market.

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