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A recent performance patch could hint at a sooner AMD Zen 5 release date

Last Updated on March 13, 2024
AMD Zen 5 patch logo accompanied by the text "Zen 5" on a blue gradient background.
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The Linux kernal driver has just received a performance patch, and it comes with something exciting for all PC enthusiasts, particularly those interested in the latest powerful AMD CPUs. The recent patch might be hinting at a sooner release for the highly anticipated AMD Zen 5 central processor.

These updates for the Linux kernal, reported by PCGamesN, included performance monitoring abilities for the upcoming AMD Zen 5 CPU. These updates are JSON files that add performance monitor unit events to the subsystem of Linux’s performance monitors. While performance monitoring is often included in driver updates before the official release, the ones recently added to the Linux kernal driver are significantly early.

The AMD Zen 5 could be coming sooner than expected

Unfortunately, no other information regarding the AMD Zen 5 was included. The patch was simply dropped, with no further comments. Sadly, this doesn’t cement anything in stone for the future of the release date. But, with this update, it could mean the hardware is coming quicker than expected. However, the patch is not available on Linux yet, as it’s still up for review. It should be coming with the next version of the OS.

The performance monitor counter documentation was also recently released for the AMD Zen 5. As reported by Phoronix, this documentation was for the AMD Family 1Ah Model 00h to 0Fh processors, which includes the Zen 5. All this preparation is typically done before the CPU releases, although with the updates coming back to back, it could signal an early release date.

The AMD Zen 5 has been highly anticipated by enthusiasts for some time now. The successor to the AMD Zen 4 is expected to make big improvements on the CPU. This includes better performance and better graphics processing capabilities using AI. The AMD Zen 5 release date has been speculated to be in the second half of the year. But, with a driver update with performance monitoring abilities this early, the release date could be coming sooner than late 2024.

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