AMD Zen 5 CPU could reportedly launch towards the end of the year

The AMD Zen 5 logo on a blue and purple background.

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Those in the market for a high-powered CPU may not have to wait too long for the ideal solution. A leak has recently surfaced regarding the highly anticipated AMD Zen 5 processor, whose release is reportedly slated for the second half of the year. First announced during AMD’s roadmap reveal in 2022, a 2024 launch was already on the cards. Though naturally, the lack of a specific date left plenty of room for speculation. So, if these rumors are to be believed, a new computing powerhouse may already be on its way to becoming publicly available.

According to Chinese news site UDN (via TechRadar), the Zen 5 will allegedly go into mass production in Q3, with the official launch likely taking place soon after. This is especially significant for the rest of the uber-competitive CPU market, as Intel’s upcoming 15th-gen. Arrow Lake chips are similarly gearing up for a reported 2024 release. However, like all AMD Ryzen 8000 Zen 5 CPU rumors, you will need to take this information with a grain of salt since it has yet to be confirmed.

A new and improved processor

Like any good successor, the Zen 5 is set to improve upon its predecessor in more ways than one. Based on UDN’s report, AMD is introducing significant improvements to the Zen 5’s computing and graphics processing capabilities to help usher in its AI era. In addition, the Zen 5 will also apparently be manufactured using 4nm process nodes. This would provide a significant step up in performance for the upcoming series since the Zen 4 generation was primarily developed using 5nm processors.

Similar to the previously mentioned release date, though, we wouldn’t recommend taking these rumors as gospel. But with the alleged release date taking place soon, you probably won’t need to wait long for official details. Until then, check out our page on the best Ryzen 5000 Series CPU in 2024 for more.

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