A Semiconductor group is warning the EU against making further chipmaking sanctions in China

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The EU has been hard at work formulating the European Economic Security Strategy. While they’ve been working, they recently have asked those in the semiconductor industry for feedback to make the strategy effective. SEMI Europe, a semiconductor association, answered the call for help. While they called for collaboration when it comes to the chip industry around the world, noticeably they warned the EU against imposing further restrictions on China.

The news was broken by Tom’s Hardware, who reported that SEMI Europe issued a paper with their feedback. The paper made many good strides for the European Economic Security Strategy, agreeing that a focus on establishing a common framework in the industry should be the focus. However, SEMI Europe also cautioned that the strategy shouldn’t impose restrictions internationally. This includes restricting sales of products internationally, preventing foreign entities from investing or preventing investing in foreign entities.

SEMI Europe believes imposing sanctions could ruin the European semiconductor industry

SEMI Europe also stated that export controls should be a coordinated effort between all member states. They should focus not on hypothetical risks of weaponization of technologies, but rather on risks that can be clearly identified. They believe that unjustified restrictions on the hardware industry could only lead to a stalling of the technology.

The group has also emphasized that by limiting investment opportunities, the European semiconductor industry will only suffer from it. They need to remain competitive with China, Taiwan, South Korea, and the United States. If companies are deterred from investing in the region, they will fall behind, making competition in the industry more scarce. International cooperation is what SEMI Europe believes is the best bet.

The chip industry has always thrived on innovation and competition. If too many exports are made on it, the industry can suffer from a lack of investments, and certain products having monopolies within their own borders. SEMI Europe has given good feedback for the EU to continue upward trends in the semiconductor industry, instead of stalling it. The future is brighter with more cooperation internationally.

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