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Amazon’s Steam Competitor, Vapor, gets leaked

Last Updated on December 1, 2023
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Amongst the faff of the data leak from Twitch and the revelation of the earnings of thousands of streamers on the platform, Amazon’s major play against Valve has been cracked open and looked at by Twitter users Sinoc229.

Within it, there are references to integrating Twitch into various games, including PUBG and Fortnite, as well as a weird test game called ‘Vapeworld’ which seems to be made up of Unity assets (but not Amazon’s Lumberyard or Open 3D Engine?), including a parody Hearthstone card, Bob Ross and some unfinished models and textures.

Curiously, Vapor does mean Steam in Portuguese.

Sinoc does state they’re using a different version of Unity and has put the call out for people to give it a look.

Amazon recently released their first major video game, New World, an MMO that has seen 800, 000 users flock to it in its first few days. The company has struggled to get any video games out the door, resulting in many reshuffles or staff leaving the studios, with Crucible which was launched, pulled, put back into beta and then cancelled causing major concern for the teams behind the various games in development.

Amazon seemingly wants a share of the pie that Epic Games have begun to eat into with their own storefront, but currently only have Amazon Prime Gaming, which offers free games and rewards for being subscribed to their premium delivery service.

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