An impressive new preset with better visual qualities comes with the latest NVIDIA DLSS 3.7.0 Update

Nvidia logo and DLSS 3.7.0 technology graphic with an update icon on a blue gradient background.

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The Nvidia DLSS library just got a big update. The latest version of the library includes major visual updates, like reduced smearing for some popular titles. The best part is this update is available now, alongside a new Streamline library update for the system.

The latest update for DLSS, the 3.7.0 update that was reported by Reddit, was just released. This update includes a new E preset, known as eager_donkey. This E preset seemingly is able to improve visual quality in many titles, by reducing the smearing in the game. This could be a huge improvement to the upscaling abilities DLSS 3 offers, which are already one of the most impressive on the market. Some users are already reporting frame rate improvements, although these are just early results. Among the games tested are Horizon: Forbidden West and Watch Dogs: Legion.

The NVIDIA DLSS 3.7.0 update includes improved visual qualities and

Along with the DLSS library update comes an updated Streamline library, although these will have very little impact on most gamers. They are mainly used for simplifying the implementation of the upscaler that Nvidia uses. However, while gamers won’t see this update, their systems will thank them.

Nvidia DLSS 3 has only been out for a few years, since the launch of the RTX 40 series. However, it’s made a huge impact on tons of games. By improving the visuals and graphics using ray tracing, Super Resolution, and more. Games like Horizon: Forbidden West and Cyberpunk 2077 already are available for DLSS upscaling. Tons more games are expected to be added, as well, like Ghosts of Tsushima.

DLSS is already one of the top upscalers available, despite only being for RTX GPUs. With little competition when it comes to quality, any improvement to Nvidia DLSS 3 is sure to impress. While it’s still yet to be seen just how many games can see improvements thanks to the 3.7.0 update, you’re free to download it now to check it out for yourself.

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