Edge Password Manager To Get a Boost

Time to finally bid farewell to all those Password123s you have been logging into your bank account with once and for all.

microsoft edge password manager

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How many times do we hear that our passwords are important, only to completely ignore it and add the same Password123 to sign up for a new site? All the time, that’s how many.

Applications such as Bitwarden and even Chrome’s own password manager have, in recent times allowed you to generate, and then save, passwords with ludicrous complexity that no hacker would ever break which is a bonus, but there is still little standardization and that can lead to trouble.

For me, I have got caught out a few times on my iPhone by signing up to sites and letting my Apple device create a long, secure password for me. All well and good until I try and then log into a site via a web browser, and then the cursing starts.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that handy password saving and changing facilities are soon coming to Microsoft Edge as Microsoft tries to up our cybersecurity game with a new version of the Edge Password Manager.

You will shortly be able to store and autofill passwords, but perhaps more importantly alter your passwords from within there for sites where you might have already been compromised.

There’s no actual release date for the new Edge Password Manager but we are expecting it within the next few weeks and will be giving a full test when we get our hands on it.

And while we are talking about new features…

Also coming back to Edge is the Dictionary feature which was always handy to find the definition of a particularly tricky word from the context menu. With the switch to Chromium it vanished, but now it’s making its way back which is good news from all wordy folk like me.

If you want to make sure you stay as safe as possible while online, you’d best head over and check out our Internet safety guide right now don’t you think?

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