Forget the LG C4, the C2 is the best-value OLED TV you can get

An LG C2 OLED TV displaying vibrant, abstract art against a blue and purple gradient background.

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Looking to spice up your home entertainment viewing experience? We’ve got just the thing for you. Instead of waiting for the upcoming LG C4 to arrive, snag the equally stunning C2 OLED TV instead. Although it’s predictably less advanced than its upcoming counterpart, it still presents tremendous value, especially with Amazon’s current discount.

You can snag the LG C2 OLED TV on Amazon with a deal that slashes its cost by 26%. This brings its price down from $1,899.99 to $1,396.99, helping you save a massive $503! However, you’ll need to snap it up immediately; Amazon only has two left in stock as of writing, so this price cut will disappear soon. Of course, if you really want the modern, more expensive alternative, you’ll need to learn when the LG C4 release date will be instead.

Why you’ll love this OLED TV

We’ve listed some of this TV’s key features below to give you an idea of what you’re getting beforehand:

  • α9 Gen 5 AI Processor: Built with LG’s state-of-the-art processor that provides the ultimate viewing experience by automatically adjusting to the content you’re watching.
  • 65-inch OLED display: Whether you’re Helldiving with friends or watching the latest Shōgun episode with your family, you’ll be able to see every glorious scene as it’s meant to be with this TV’s massive high-quality display.
  • LG Game Optimizer mode: This TV isn’t only meant for binge-watching movies and TV shows. With the LG Game Optimizer mode, you can bolster your gaming experience even more, allowing you to enjoy each open-world adventure or shoot-’em-up session like never before.

Where to buy the LG C2 OLED TV deal?

This LG C2 OLED TV is only available via Amazon. As mentioned before, however, you’ll need to act fast because stocks will run out soon; as of writing, there are only 2 left on Amazon’s product page.

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