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GAIMIN: monetising spare system cycles, NFTs and beyond

SPONSORED: PCGuide meets GAIMIN to find out how gamers' spare processing power can be harnessed
Last Updated on November 21, 2022
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With the worlds of gaming and the blockchain becoming evermore intertwined, team PC Guide is keeping an interested eye on developments and future possibilities. 

We’re not alone though, as the potential for distributed computing is being well and truly utilized for the benefit of both the blockchain and gamers. It’s a developing tech junction that GAIMIN knows extremely well.

To learn more about GAIMIN, we caught up with the company’s CEO, Martin Speight, to talk monetisation of gamers’ processing power – as well as unique rewards, GAIMIN’s own crypto token, and the company’s future plans.

GAIMIN, decentralised networks and the Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence

1- Hello, can you briefly explain what GAIMIN is and seeks to achieve?

GAIMIN has created a platform that harnesses the underutilised processing power available from a worldwide network of gamers’ GPUs to create GAIMIN Cloud.

 It’s a decentralised data processing network capable of delivering, on-demand, instantly scalable, cost-effective, supercomputer-level data processing services. 

And how does GAIMIN make use of this processing?

GAIMIN utilises its global network to deliver data processing services for customers who pay GAIMIN for service delivery. 

We return up to 90% of the generated income back to the gamer’s/users who allow their devices to participate in the GAIMIN decentralised network.

So a key focus is gamers being a part of the decentralised network – why is that?

GAIMIN targets the gaming community as active participants in GAIMIN Cloud as gamers typically have higher-performance devices capable of delivering data processing services. 

The service rewards users for their participation but we also want to ensure “no gamer is left behind”. So even if someone does not have a higher performing device, they can still be part of the GAIMIN community and earn rewards even if they are not fully engaged in GAIMIN Cloud service participation. 

2- For the uninitiated, is it fair to suggest GAIMIN is picking up the baton from distributed projects like SETI or Folding at Home. But for gamers, utilizing the blockchain?

The concept of harnessing distributed computer power is not new, per your question. The SETI project was maybe the first large-scale, and famous project which used connected distributed computers, with NASA’s involvement in their “Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence” (SETI). 

It allowed them to increase the amount of data they could process and meant they were no longer limited to their own computing capacity.

The much more recent Folding at Home project is the exact same concept and is backed by some of the world’s largest companies – where individual users can contribute computing capacity in order to run scientific and biological research with the aim of speeding up protein folding simulations, by harnessing additional unused computing power from around the world.

We use the exact same concept. However, we specifically target the world’s most powerful personal computers, which belong to the 1.5 billion-strong global PC gaming community. 

And we incentivize the gamers by helping solve their two biggest problems: (i) how to pay for their gaming, and (ii) how to achieve true ownership of their in-game assets. 

Right now, in a world where the demand for additional computing power is growing beyond the current supply, it means we are very well positioned. 

Our use of blockchain technology represents the optimal way for us to manage our data. We’re building our project with the future in mind, and the implementation of Web3 technology offers us a great foundation and sets us up for future scalability and sustainability.

The blockchain, GMRX and incentives

3- You also have your own GMRX token. What can you tell us about it and its availability?

GMRX is the internal utility cryptocurrency for GAIMIN’s platform. It is very common that top gaming platforms to have their own internal currency. Think of Fortnite with its V-Bucks as a perfect example. 

GMRX has been established to consolidate the monetisation aspects of GAIMIN’s platform. GAIMIN’s monetisation features collect revenue in a variety of different formats – both fiat (countries’ own currency, eg $USD) and crypto. 

In order to pay the user their share of the revenue for the use of their devices, GAIMIN realised that users do not want to receive their rewards in the different formats GAIMIN receives its revenue, so GMRX is used to consolidate rewards into a single, utility crypto. And being crypto means we can have more features than if it was purely fiat. 

GMRX can then be used within GAIMIN’s platform either for the purchase of accessories, and merchandise or for in-game asset purchases enabling a gamer to quickly build up an in-game inventory. 

GAIMIN also intends to list GMRX on one or more crypto exchanges enabling holders of GMRX to convert their GMRX into other cryptocurrencies or cash.

GMRX can currently be “earned” through the monetisation features of the GAIMIN app and platform. It can also be purchased. Very shortly GMRX will be listed on one or more crypto exchanges. 

4- Right, so does the token factor into users’ rewards and incentives?

Great question, Yes it does. GAIMIN would prefer GMRX holders to utilise GMRX within the GAIMIN ecosystem and so will incentivise holders of GMRX to use GMRX for transactions. 

This may be through gamification rewards, bonuses, discounts, additional GMRX rewards or enhanced features for NFT purchases. Ultimately a holder of GMRX will be able to use GMRX however they wish to use the currency! 

It will also allow for seamless integration into other games we integrate into our GAIMIN platform in the future (and we have big plans for this). 

There are a lot of projects in the Web3 space being built now that will allow for cross/multi-chain interoperability, which will produce a truly seamless experience for the user. Our GMRX token will allow this experience. 

And how do users earn GMRX – how is it distributed between Gaimin users, and how is it utilized?

Although GMRX is typically earned through monetisation features, with the more powerful devices capable of generating higher rewards, GAIMIN wants to ensure that no gamer is left behind and so has introduced features to allow anyone to participate in the GAIMIN ecosystem and earn GMRX. 

This is currently facilitated by users opening the app and remaining connected to GAIMIN Cloud with rewards provided for a number of hours connected rather than direct monetisation. 

It all works in the background and doesn’t interfere with a user’s gameplay. We even have the ability to simply “slide” up or down the amount of computing “power” a user wishes to dedicate to GAIMIN, so it is completely flexible. 

As a listed cryptocurrency, GMRX will always have a value both inside and outside of the GAIMIN ecosystem. 

As GMRX gains traction, other game developers will be able to utilise GMRX within their own in-game economies either directly as GMRX or through the ability to white-label GMRX and have their own currency linked to GMRX. 

The platform

5- What other incentives are offered, and how do users get them?

GAIMIN are always looking at how we can introduce new users and participate in the GAIMIN platform and distributed data processing network. 

As we are a gaming company targeting the gaming community for app and platform downloads, we also own our own esports company – GAIMIN Gladiators which has teams participating in DOTA 2, Rocket League, APEX Legends, and Rainbow 6: Siege.

As these teams progress through their various leagues and tournaments we actively promote GAIMIN through these teams and provide incentives to download the platform and app. 

For example, our DOTA 2 team recently competed at TI11 in Singapore. We created a range of collectible NFTs for our team – individual NFTs for each player, a team NFT and the coach. All someone has to do is download the app, register with GAIMIN, and start monetising. 

Each NFT can be collected after the completion of a number of hours monetisation, the more time spent monetising the more NFTs can be claimed. This is not dependent on the rewards generated, it is based solely on time, so the device performance is not important! 

With just 250 hours of monetisation, the full set of 7 NFTs can be collected by DOTA 2 followers. We will be releasing a range of collectible NFTs for all our teams participating in all major tournaments, creating a uniquely collectible set of assets for all followers of our teams. 

We also create utility NFTs based on monetisation activity. Our NFTs can be used as in-game assets with the key aspect being user ownership. When playing a game and building up an in-game inventory, if a gamer changes games, that asset inventory remains with the game and can be lost if a gamer moves games. 

With an NFT-based asset inventory, the gamer owns the asset, utilising it within the game. If they change games, the asset remains with the user and can be reused in the new game, assuming the new game supports the asset category. 

However in order to mitigate this issue and make NFTs more usable in different games, GAIMIN is the first company to introduce cross-game NFTs – the NFTxg. 

This utility NFT is a single in-game asset that changes characteristics when used in different games. Currently GAIMIN supports NFT and NFTxg within Minecraft and GTA V, with plans to support RUST and World of Warcraft next year, and we have a long list of others we are looking at. 

In addition, GAIMIN is also creating an SDK for Unreal Engine and Unity games, extending the utility of these unique in-game assets/NFTs into a far wider range of games. 

Additionally, GAIMIN intends on creating lower-cost NFTs aligned with its anticipated monetisation reward generation. For example, assuming a user could generate say $1 per day in GMRX, GAIMIN will create a range of utility NFTs that can be purchased for around $1, $7, and $30 – 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month of monetisation. 

This will enable gamers to quickly build up a superior asset inventory based solely on their monetisation activity, rather than having to purchase NFTs! 

And don’t forget the gamer truly owns their in-game assets, via full blockchain ownership in their wallet, and is free to buy, sell, rent, or trade them

6- The core monetization element is, of course, based on harnessing spare cycles from gamers’ systems. Can you tell us a bit more about how and when GAIMIN will utilize users’ spare cycles and processing power. Are there really that many gaming systems left idle?

When a user downloads and installs the GAIMIN app on their PC, the app detects their PC’s characteristics and records the device information in GAIMINs’ central server. GAIMIN then recognises that device as available for inclusion in the GAIMIN distributed data processing network or GAIMIN Cloud. 

Then, when a data processing requirement is received by GAIMIN, the AI Engine identifies suitable devices, builds its processing network and submits the jobs to the devices. 

GAIMIN provides a number of data processing services, including video rendering and the powering of blockchain computations. Video rendering is the more profitable service but is dependent on customers submitting rendering jobs. 

A video rendering job will take priority for use of GAIMIN Cloud. However, there is an “always on” data processing requirement which is the powering of blockchain computations. This is less profitable than other data processing services but ensures that any device identified as being available can always undertake some form of monetisation. 

As users use their PCs, switch them on and off, use them for gaming etc, worldwide device availability is constantly changing. GAIMIN’s AI Engine identifies available devices and their processing capabilities such that when a job is received, the GAIMIN AI Engine identifies the devices capable of delivering the processing service. 

If a device is not suitable for a specific processing service, it always remains available for another data processing service. If not suitable for any data processing job at the current time, the user can still generate rewards through the hourly connectivity.

Dependent upon the user’s PC, gameplay and PC performance may occasionally be impacted by the monetisation aspects of the GAIMIN app. So GAIMIN has implemented a “slider” function that allows the user to select how much of their device is used for monetisation. 

If they have a lower performance, older device which is having gameplay impacted, the user can select a lower percentage for monetisation for the duration of PC usage, and then increase this when they stop using the PC for gaming. 

Gaimcraft and unique items

7- We’ve seen a little bit about ‘Gaimcraft’. Can you detail what it is, how it incorporates into games, and tell us anything about future plans?

GAIMCRAFT is GAIMIN’s own Minecraft server. We employed some incredible Minecraft world designers to build a huge, spectacular world for us. It takes almost 30 minutes to go from one side to the other and is complete with a Coliseum, town hall, market, bank and everything you can imagine.

You can connect your GAIMIN platform to GAIMCRAFT and have full use of your in-game assets stored in your wallet. An extra inventory appears with these items, so basically we have brought Web3 tech to one of the world’s leading AAA moddable games. All of which produces enhanced gaming functionality, and that means more fun for the user.

We have done exactly the same with GTA V as well. And, as mentioned, we have plans for RUST and World of Warcraft next. 

We have found that a large number of gamers are reluctant to purchase gaming inventory simply because when they stop playing a game, that investment is lost – any assets purchased remain within the game account and cannot be transferred to other games or other players. 

GAIMIN technology allows gamers to own their asset inventory and utilise assets across a number of different games. In addition, assets can be traded – sold to other players or even rented out for a period of time when not being used. 

For example, when someone is on holiday they may allow their limited edition asset to be borrowed or rented while they are away. 

Smart contract technology built into the GAIMIN platform ensures security of ownership – so you rent out your asset for a defined period of time and at the end of that period, the smart contract automatically reverts the ownership of the asset back to the original owner. 

GAIMIN and eSports

8- You mentioned the Gaimin Gladiators earlier. We’ve spotted them in action recently on Twitch: what was behind the decision to have an affiliated eSports team?

GAIMIN is a company founded by gamers and so gaming has always been an important component in the GAIMIN strategy. 

As you will appreciate, GAIMIN Cloud is based on the performance capabilities of the available devices. GAIMIN quickly realised that the gaming community typically has the higher performance devices required by GAIMIN Cloud as these higher performance devices improve and enhance game play. 

With over 3 billion worldwide gamers and 1.5 billion PC based gamers, we have a very large potential user community for GAIMIN!

In order to allow us to access the gaming community, build brand recognition, trust, credibility and enjoy direct user acquisition, GAIMIN decided to own its own esports team – GAIMIN Gladiators. 

The aim of GAIMIN Gladiators is to build successful esports teams in leading games, have some fun supporting these teams in their tournaments, but importantly for GAIMIN, generate awareness of the GAIMIN brand through the followers of these teams – and incentivise these followers to download and install the GAIMIN platform and app. 

GAIMIN incentivises the followers in a number of ways: Including the provision of collectable NFTs, the monetisation aspects of the platform and passive earning of GMRX, the ability to utilise GMRX for purchase of accessories and merchandise – and competitions to have access to the players and unique collectables, such as signed merch.

9- That feels pretty exciting, to have the esports connection. What excites you most about GAIMIN’s plans right now?

GAIMIN has only just started – in 2023, we have some great changes planned!

GAIMIN Gladiators has already made a significant impression and achieved better-than-expected success! We expect the teams to go from strength to strength in 2023. We are always on the lookout for new teams to join our roster!

We will shortly be releasing our video rendering service in production versions of our platform (the rendering is in a closed beta now). In 2023, we will be extending the range of supported video editing applications to allow more users to render using GAIMIN Cloud.

We are improving our “always on” monetisation option and introducing new Web3 powering services, which can also include nodes as a service, but we are looking at how other industries are implementing similar Web3 technology and further demand area for processing power, such as AI training cycles. 

We will be launching new collectable NFTs for all our teams participating in key tournaments.

We will also be extending our unique tech into new games – RUST, World of Warcraft, and the release of an SDK to allow game developers to implement GAIMIN technology into their games.

We plan to launch GMRX on crypto exchanges creating real-world value for holders of GMRX, and we will be extending the ability for all users to passively earn GMRX through monetisation activities.

And of course, we also want to have fun supporting our teams, meeting their followers, and building up the GAIMIN gaming community! 

10 – Lots to come then. Finally from us, should they be keen to sign up or find out more, what are the best ways for PC Guide readers to connect with Gaimin?

The best places to connect with GAIMIN are:

  1. Our website – www.gaimin.io
  2. To download our app – www.gaimin.gg

Martin: “You should also follow GAIMIN Gladiators as well for the latest news on the esports team!”

Kevin is the Editor of PC Guide. He has a broad interest and enthusiasm for consumer electronics, PCs and all things consumer tech - and more than 15 years experience in tech journalism.

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