Get 20% off the new Echo Show 8 when you trade-in at Amazon

A black device with a screen showing a variety of apps and available for Amazon trade-in.

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Do you have a device that’s been collecting dust for a few years now, but you don’t know what to do with it? With the new Amazon trade-in promo, you can finally get rid of unused gadgets while getting up to 20% off various new devices, including the new Echo Show 8! Keep in mind, though, that Amazon will only be accepting a few specific brands for trade-in, which, of course, includes their own products.

If you don’t have, say, an Echo Dot to send, you can still trade in phones from Apple, Samsung, and Google to get the 20% discount. Another Amazon trade-in category you probably have plenty of lying around is gaming products. This includes devices from Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo, and yes, you can also send games and accessories to avail of the price cut. Once you’ve chosen the product category you want to trade in, you’ll need to search for the item you wish to send. If you find it and it fulfills all the necessary requirements, you’re one step closer to getting the Amazon product deal you’ve been waiting for.

Amazon trade-in discount can only be used for Amazon products

Unfortunately, you can’t use the Amazon trade-in discount for products outside the company’s brand. You’ll also need to be wary of what you send in because Amazon can adjust its perceived value to a lower amount if it’s missing even one component. This means you’ll get much less cash back if the device or product you sent in has any damage or glaring issues. Of course, if you get the full trade-in value in return, you should have a much easier time choosing from Amazon’s wide selection of products on offer.

In addition to Echo models, you can also use the trade-in discount to purchase Fire Tablets, Fire TV devices, and Kindles. But if none of these gadgets strike your fancy, check out this deal on a sleek Alienware gaming PC instead so you can prepare ahead of Dragon’s Dogma 2’s release.

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