Gigabyte QD-OLED monitors just became more enticing, thanks to improved manufacturer support

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Committing to an expensive monitor can be daunting, especially since most tend to malfunction well after the warranty expires. Luckily, PC hardware manufacturer Gigabyte is easing these worries somewhat with its latest decision to extend the warranty on its QD-OLED monitors to three years.

Previously, Gigabyte only provided a one-year warranty for OLED monitors, making these displays a risky long-term investment. Luckily, the company’s recent press release (spotted by TechPowerUp) revealed its plans to provide prolonged security and added user satisfaction by extending the warranties on all its high-end QD-OLED gaming monitors by two years. This includes the CO49DQ, FO32U2P, FO32U2, FO27Q3, MO34WQC, and MO34WQC2 models. Gigabyte’s 40-inch LCDs and OLED display will, of course, retain their one-year warranties.

Gigabyte’s QD-OLED monitors get three-year warranties

Since initially being revealed at CES 2024, Gigabyte’s top-of-the-line displays immediately caught the tech community’s attention. Boasting impressive specs, including a massive 1500000:1 contrast ratio, VESA DisplayHDR True Black 400, and Flicker-Free technology, this monitor became a must-have for those wanting to bolster their audiovisual desktop experience. But, like with other OLED screens, Gigabyte’s was also susceptible to the dreaded burn-in effect, hence the wariness surrounding its short-term warranty.

Unfortunately, Gigabyte hasn’t stated whether it plans on providing similar support to its regular OLED monitors. Hopefully, the warranty extension they’ve given to QD-OLEDs is a sign of things to come. Nevertheless, this pledge likely means these monitors will start flying off the shelves soon, especially since they’re relatively more affordable and provide better visuals than some of their counterparts. So, if you’re looking to grab one yourself, now may be the best time to do so.

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