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Helldivers 2 fan builds custom keypad for calling in Stratagems, and of course it’s wrist-mounted

Aside from VR, it doesn't get much more immersive than this
Last Updated on April 11, 2024
A character in a futuristic suit aims a weapon with a custom keypad at an enemy in a desolate, rocky landscape with a large mechanical structure indicative of Stratagems in the background, reminiscent of Hel
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Anyone interested in PC gaming has probably heard about Helldivers 2 at this point. If you haven’t, then it’s one of the most popular games as of late, offering something pretty unique if you’re looking for something new. We’re nothing short of amazed with what the dedicated Helldivers 2 fanbase can create, and one user has build a custom-made wrist-mounted Stratagem keypad. If that sounds like a confusing jumble of words, we can explain.

Stratagems are abilities within Helldivers 2 which you can call upon mid-battle to help in your quest for democracy. To do so, they are used (by default) by pressing Ctrl, then inputting a directional code. This ability is called down via a device on your character’s wrist. Well, now one player has added to the immersion and brought that idea to the real world. This makes calling in the best stratagems even more fun.

User builds custom wrist-mounted Stratagem keypad for Helldivers 2

All the credit goes to Aaaahron on TikTok, who has made this custom keypad to mimic their character. It’s got everything you need, the Ctrl key to start your Stratagem selection, then your directional arrow keys to input the associated code. It may be a little bit bulky, and you’ll have to take your hand off the mouse for a second or two, but it’s well worth the novelty. Calling in the perfect Stratagem at the perfect time with this custom piece of tech looks pretty satisfying to say the least.

According to the original TikTok post, this is achieved by using the following:

  • Custom watch case
  • Raspberry Pi Pico
  • Akko Lavender Key Switches
  • Third-party Apple Watch band
  • CircuitPython script using the Adafruit HID library
A custom-made keypad wrist rest wrapped around a foot.
Image source: Aaaahron on TikTok

We also recently came across someone using a Raspberry Pi Pico to make a Stratagem Macro Keypad for Helldivers 2, which is of course much more efficient if that’s what you’re looking for. With many people now diving into this popular multiplayer title, players are getting really creative with it. Aaaahron even takes it further with a follow-up custom peripheral, which they call the Democrakey V2.

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