Here’s how these iPhones defied destruction

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In smartphones, durability is often a defining factor but no one could have expected just how resilient these three phones were. As we’ll see in a minute, these tough devices managed incredible feats of survival, even managing to stay intact when falling from an airplane! I’m Alementary, and I’ve been covering technology and hardware news for years on my dedicated YouTube channel. Whether it’s crazy VR suits or dangerous virtual reality headsets, my job’s to pick out the best stories and share them here on PC Guide.

So, just how robust are these iPhones? Here are three devices that weathered extreme conditions and emerged unscathed.

The Indestructible iPhone 6s

Securing the third spot on this list is an iPhone 6s that experienced an unimaginable freefall from an airplane. The heart-stopping moment was captured as the phone recorded its descent, and miraculously, the screen remained intact.

The secret behind its survival lies in a meticulously designed case with an outer shell engineered to absorb impact and an inner shell preventing the phone from jostling during the fall. This incident proves that, sometimes, a well-designed case can make all the difference in preserving a phone’s structural integrity.

The mighty iPhone 11

Moving on to the second contender, an iPhone 11 Pro took an unexpected plunge into an ice lake, far exceeding its water resistance capabilities. Apple had designed the device to withstand submersion for up to 30 minutes, but this particular phone spent an astonishing 30 days submerged.

The phone’s survival can be attributed to the engineering principle of a safety factor, where devices are intentionally over-engineered to handle extreme situations. After a thorough drying and warming process, the iPhone 11 Pro defied the odds and emerged fully functional.

Airtime, literally

Topping the list is another iPhone that experienced a mid-air mishap, this time plummeting onto rocks. The owner seemingly gave up on the device, not bothering to search for it. However, fate had other plans. Thirteen months later, a group of hikers stumbled upon the forgotten iPhone. To their surprise, after charging it, the device powered on, showcasing a level of resilience that defies conventional expectations.

Remarkable engineering or sheer luck?

These stories go beyond typical durability tests, highlighting the importance of both thoughtful design and a bit of engineering overkill. While it’s not advisable to subject your smartphone to such extreme situations intentionally, these cases demonstrate the remarkable engineering prowess behind these Apple devices.

In a world where fragility often seems inherent in smartphones, these indestructible iPhones challenge that notion, proving that, sometimes, the most unexpected devices can withstand the harshest conditions.

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