Intel Leaks Tiger Lake CPU Release

It Looks Like Intel Leaked Their Own Announcement...

The worst kinds of mistakes are the ones we make ourselves, am I right? And, Intel has been guilty of that recently when they accidentally leaked that a Tiger Lake CPU event is possibly going to be taking place this September.

So, let’s talk about what’s happened, how this Tiger Lake CPU leak happened, and what we can expect in the coming months.

Now, its no secret that a few months ago Intel was teasing that something big was set to happen on the second of September, and lots of Intel fans (us included) took this to mean that this meant they were prepping for a reveal of their 11th Gen processor lineup.

These chips were first teased at CES under the name Tiger Lake and are expected to be the next version of Intel’s 10nm+ architecture – and they should feature a brand new Xe graphical architecture, which is pretty exciting.

Jump to yesterday, when Twitter sleuth @Steakandchickn noticed that on the Intel investor relations site there was a calendar that plainly showed that the second of September has been marked in Intel’s diary as the ‘Tiger Lake Virtual Launch Event’.


Basically, it looks like we can expect the launch of these chips in September – and if you are still a little uncertain on whether or not you should believe these leaks (which is understandable, as leaks should always be taken with a grain of salt), remember that AMD is looking to launch their newest chips in that time frame as well, so if Intel wants to compete with AMD they are going to have to secure a launch window in September to be directly pitted against AMD.

It remains to be seen exactly what will be announced and released in September by Intel, but if this news is anything to go by then we are definitely excited to find out!

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