Leak suggests Nvidia RTX 5080 is cheaper and better at ray tracing than the RTX 4090

Nvidia GeForce RTX 5080 graphics card against a blue background.

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The new Blackwell architecture from Nvidia has been making headlines. With incredible computing power, Nvidia is getting the most out of the technology. Luckily, gamers can rejoice now, too, with a leak suggesting that the upcoming GeForce RTX 5080 beat the RTX 4090 when it comes to ray tracing.

According to the well-known leaker AGF on Twitter, the GB203, the codename for the RTX 5080, is closer to the AD102 in raster and faster than the RTX 4080. In simpler terms, the RTX 5080 could be even better at ray tracing than the almighty RTX 4090. However, it will still keep the same speed when it comes to standard rasterization. This is huge news, as the 4090 has dominated the ray tracing scene since it was released. With the expected lower price point of the RTX 5080, it could become one of the new best GPUs around.

The RTX 5080 is superior to the RTX 4090 and costs less

Not only could the RTX 5080 be better at ray tracing, but it could also feature the GDDR7 memory according to AGF. If this leak is to be believed, then the upcoming RTX 5070 Ti, RTX 5080, and RTX 5090 will all have this upgraded memory. If this is true, then we can expect a new high-speed memory standard on the GPUs.

However, as of right now, no specs have been concerned regarding Blackwell on Nvidia’s gaming GPUs. The Blackwell chips have been making waves in the PC enthusiast community, with incredible computing power. However, the recently revealed Blackwell B200 was not designed for gaming, but for enterprises. Its focus remains on the AI community instead of gamers.

The future of the Blackwell gaming GPUs looks bright. With leaks like these, only more are going to be drawn to what Nvidia has to offer. They’ve been dominating the scene with the GeForce 40 series. The kind of power the Blackwell architecture can provide would only secure their spot at the top. We’re excited to see what’s to come with the next lineup of Nvidia GPUs.

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