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Nvidia will “have $2 trillion worth of data centers” powering AI and software in coming years

AI spending won't slow down any time soon, according to Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang.
Last Updated on February 16, 2024
The logos of Nvidia and Nvidia AI in the context of Nvidia data centers.
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Nvidia remains one of the industry’s most vaunted tech brands, and its innovative dominance looks set to continue in the coming years. At least, that’s according to CEO Jensen Huang. Speaking at the World Government Summit in Dubai held on Feb. 12, Huang revealed his company’s plans to invest in “$2 trillion worth of data centers that will be powering AI and software around the world” for the foreseeable future.

This was said as part of a response to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman‘s plans to raise a whopping $7 trillion. Per the Wall Street Journal, Altman plans to use the fundraised amount to bolster their projects and make AI-training chips more readily available. Huang, however, doesn’t see the need to raise such an amount, saying: “You can’t assume just that you will buy more computers. You have to also assume that the computers are going to become faster and therefore the total amount you need is not as much.”

Dawn of a new AI-ra

In addition to giving a sneak peek into Nvidia’s plans, Huang also implored countries to take advantage of AI infrastructure’s economic potential. “The rest of it is really up to you to take initiative, activate your industry, [and] build the infrastructure as fast as you can,” he said during the World Government Summit in Dubai.

He then went on to assuage people’s fears about AI’s dangerous capabilities, adding, “There are some interests to scare people about this new technology, to mystify this technology, to encourage other people to not do anything about that technology and rely on them to do it. And I think that’s a mistake.”

With all this in mind, obscene AI-centric spending doesn’t look to stop any time soon, especially with $2 trillion worth of Nvidia data centers set to appear in the next few years. However, how these massive investments will affect multiple industries remains to be seen. For now, if you want to see what else the future has in store, check out Lenovo’s alleged transparent laptop display it’s planning to showcase soon.

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