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Raptor Lake CPU issues continue to mount, as Nvidia asks frustrated users to “consult” Intel

Last Updated on April 13, 2024
A box of a discontinued Intel Core i7 11th generation processor with a red cross mark over it, set against a blue and purple gradient background.
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Alas, 13th—and 14th-generation Raptor Lake CPU issues remain rampant. Complaints continue to pour in as an increasing number of users are continually affected by ongoing stability problems. But despite the community’s mounting frustration, its manufacturer has yet to provide a lasting fix. Fortunately, Nvidia has, at least, finally acknowledged the problem by asking people to…ask Intel.

In a recent feedback thread, Nvidia staff included a note at the bottom of the post pointing community members to a specific Intel community forum topic. Although this is the first time Nvidia’s mentioned this particular external thread, several users have already been busy sharing experiences with the affected CPU models since it was initially created in February 2024. As expected, most people have mentioned Raptor Lake processors, such as the 13700K, 14900K, and 14900KF, as being extremely faulty, with random crashes making up a majority of the complaints.

Raptor Lake CPU issues have yet to be fixed

Although the exact cause of these issues is unknown, users have discovered that it only seems to affect games created using Unreal Engine. However, other games that don’t use this particular engine, like Helldivers 2 and DotA 2, have also been affected by these CPU issues.

Unfortunately, Intel doesn’t have a permanent solution to this problem at this time, so those affected will have to remain patient. However, the company did announce that it is “aware of these problems” and is in the process of “analyzing them with affiliates” in a previous statement. With this in mind, hopefully, Intel can provide a fix to these complications sooner rather than later.

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