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RX 7900 XT price drop makes Nvidia’s newer Super GPUs look bad

Perhaps one of the best value GPUs at the minute?
Last Updated on April 15, 2024
RX 7900 XT price drop makes Nvidia's newer Super GPUs look bad
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As one of the best GPUs on the market, AMD’s Radeon RX 7900 XT is a solid choice for 4K gaming at a relatively modest budget. A steep price drop for this graphics card has been seen in the UK, and we’d argue that it now makes the 7900 XT the winner when comparing against the likes of Nvidia’s RTX 4070 Ti Super and even 4070 Super cards.

If you aren’t all too focused on stuff like ray tracing, AMD GPUs are generally seen as the go-to thanks to their excellent value for money. That is now even more true, especially as we’ve spotted a fantastic RX 7900 XT deal on Ebuyer for you UK consumers.

RX 7900 XT drops to lowest-ever price in the UK

As reported by Videocardz, the RX 7900 XT has dropped to its lowest-ever price, at least in the UK. Now going for as low as £629.99, it is much better value than the competition – especially when you compare it to its closest Nvidia equivalent, the RTX 4070 Ti Super. A quick look at this Nvidia card on Amazon and Ebuyer reveals that it starts around the £789 mark.

Another worthwhile comparison is against the RTX 4070 Super, which you can find retail starting at around £592 based on our research at the moment. So, it’s not a whole lot more for the AMD GPU which boasts better performance and 8GB more VRAM.

Is the RX 7900 XT the best option now?

ArchitectureRDNA 3.0
GPU processTSMC 5nm
Base clock speed1,387 MHz
Boost clock speed2,394 MHz
Memory clock speed20 Gbps
Memory bus width320-bit
Memory bandwidth800 GB/s

It’s up there with the best, and this graphics card offers great performance in all resolutions. Our RX 7900 XT review benchmarks show solid performance in both 1440p and 4K resolutions, even holding above 60 FPS in Cyberpunk 2077 at 4K. The high amount of memory makes it great for both 4K gaming and productivity workflows, offering 4GB more VRAM than the 4070 Ti Super and even 4080 Super for a start.

When comparing the RTX 4070 Ti Super vs RX 7900 XT, we found many similarities between the two, so a price difference of £160 at the time of writing makes the AMD card an appealing option. What it does lack though is the same AI capabilities of the Nvidia alternatives, performing worse in terms of ray tracing and upscaling ability – the latter thanks to the 40-series DLSS 3 and its frame generation technology.

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