Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 leaks tease a cheaper Galaxy Watch alternative

A budget-friendly smartwatch alternative may be on the way, based on these Galaxy Fit 3 leaks.

Explore the latest leaks of Samsung Galaxy Fit 3, a superior Samsung smart watch.

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Ahead of its alleged 2024 launch, a number of Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 leaks have unsurprisingly surfaced. Aside from revealing the much-talked-about fitness tracker’s as-yet unconfirmed price, the unofficial teaser also gave potential buyers a look at its significant redesign, making it a much more viable Galaxy Watch alternative.

Over on Twitter/X, tech aficionado WigettaGaming reposted a short video showcasing the Galaxy Fit 3 and its uniquely changed look. At first glance, the main feature that stood out was the fitness tracker’s larger rectangular screen. Whereas its predecessors were mainly known for their compact design akin to the Fitbit, the Galaxy Fit 3 will seemingly provide more features via its expanded display. Like the Galaxy Watch, this includes access to your messages, calendar, clock, weather, and other necessary apps. However, since this has yet to be confirmed, you’ll need to take it with the customary grain of salt.

Alleged Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 price is very budget-friendly

Per GSMArena, the Galaxy Fit 3 will reportedly be priced at TZS 250,000 or around $100/€90/£80. At this particular price point, it would undoubtedly be hard to pass up, especially since bulkier smartwatch alternatives often aren’t ideal for most people. In addition to its budget-friendly price tag, the leaks revealed the different colored straps you can get: black and white. You can also allegedly get a pink gold version, though this similarly hasn’t been confirmed as of writing.

Though its predecessor never entirely caught on with the masses, its eye-catching redesign and convenient new features may entice consumers to try Samsung’s upcoming fitness tracker. Unfortunately, for now, you’ll have to wait until it makes its way to retailers before getting your hands on one. Until then, have a look at our Samsung Galaxy Ring vs. Galaxy Watch page for more wearable options. Alternatively, you can check out our Pixel Watch 2 vs. Galaxy Watch 6 if you can’t decide on a smartwatch.

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