Scalpers jetting off to US then flogging Apple Vision Pro for nearly £6,000

Scalpers really have their eye on the prize this time

A black ski goggles with a dollar sign next to it, available for £6.

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The Apple Vision Pro has launched in the US but is still yet to be available to the international market, and this period of anticipation has seen ambitious scalpers upping the already costly $3,499 price tag up to the region of £6000 (about $7531). Scalping something that’s already so expensive seems ridiculous, but clearly international buyers are still willing to rise to these prices in order to get their hands on an Apple Vision Pro before it comes to their country.

The hype around Apple’s VR headset has left many people desperate to try it out for themselves, and scalpers have seen to it that in order to get the Vision Pro outside of the US you have to be willing to pay extra: the prices are insane – and almost absolutely predictable.

Taking advantage of the US exclusivity, listings on eBay UK are seeing the Vision Pro sell for thousands above its $3,499 price tag, with some so ambitious as to post the device for £5,800 (roughly $7280) (Apple Vision Pro on eBay). However, this is not the only one – there are plenty of Vision Pros being sold for an additional one to two-thirds on top of its original $3,499 price. This proves that when it comes to futuristic technology, money will not be a barrier stopping people from getting it if they want it.

A pair of ski goggles, Apple Vision Pro, available for sale on eBay.
Apple Vision Pro, available for sale on eBay for £5,800

The Apple Vision Pro is quite a high-risk, high-reward item to scalp, so is it worth the time, effort, and most importantly, the money to buy one before it comes out in your country? Well, that depends on how much you were planning to use your Vision Pro alongside your other Apple products, such as your iPhone and Mac.

Is the Apple Vision Pro usable outside the US?

In order to even use the App Store on the Vision Pro, you’ll need to create a new US Apple ID, so you won’t actually benefit from any of the Apple ecosystem integration with iPhone or Mac that’s currently one of the main bnefits of the device. You also won’t be able to get AppleCare+, so you won’t be in luck if you damage your Vision Pro as you won’t be able to get it fixed outside the US.

Finally, there’s also the risk that the scalped Vision Pro won’t even be the correct measurements for your face or head, meaning it won’t fit correctly and be uncomfortable to wear as well as mostly unusable. On top of that, only a US prescription is valid to order the Zeiss lenses (as per Tausif Hussain on YouTube).

So, considering all these factors combined, in my opinion it’s definitely worth waiting until the Vision Pro is available in your region so you can really get the most out of the device – but if you’re keen, the headset is probably available to buy, but only at an even higher price tag than normal.

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