SSDs are about to get more expensive as a 15% increase in prices is expected

A western digital black nvme m.2 SSD with ascending price symbols, indicating an SSD price increase.

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After already seeing a big rise in the price of solid-state drives in the first quarter of 2024, we’re apparently only going to see more increases. According to industry analysts, there is an anticipated 15% increase in prices coming for SSDs during the second quarter of the year.

The news comes from Guru3D, which reported that NAND flash market projections have predicted a price increase for SSDs on the market. This increase could be up to 15%, according to the site. This is after a significant rise in prices has already come in the first quarter, with client and server SSDs going up in cost by around 23 to 28%. This potential change is due to the purchasing strategies from SSD manufacturers, as well as a decrease in related product sales.

SSDs could become even more expensive in the upcoming quarter of 2024

Major SSD manufacturers such as Western Digital and Kioxia are driving forces in price trends, and by increasing the prices of their drives others are likely to follow. Changes in production capacity utilization rates from these top manufacturers influence the market significantly. As these manufacturers take more cautious approaches when it comes to production, the prices are likely to rise due to these changes.

SSDs are a major part of any PC build, and increasing prices only makes it more difficult to get your hands on good components. The rise in prices for SSDs has already made the hobby harder to access. his predicted increase in the upcoming quarter will only serve to make it much more costly for a hobby that already comes with a huge price tag.

Many hoped for a stabilization in prices after the significant rise from the first quarter, but it looks like that won’t be coming any time soon. Enthusiasts will have to find creative ways to get their hands on good SSDs for decent prices, or fork over their wallets until a decrease comes.

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