Stunning 55-inch Sony Bravia LED TV and soundbar bundle comes with a whopping $360 discount

A Sony Bravia LED TV bundle displaying a landscape image with a soundbar positioned in front of it on a plain background.

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Don’t settle for an unsatisfying audiovisual experience. See all your favorite onscreen moments in the best way possible by getting this stunning 55-inch Sony Bravia LED TV and soundbar bundle that’s sure to make the best movies, TV shows, and video games even more memorable.

Head over to Best Buy to grab this eye-catching display. There, it’s currently on sale with a 28% discount, bringing its price down from $1,279.98 to $919.98. This helps you save $360, which you can eventually put into purchasing another, more modern upgrade after you learn where to buy the LG OLED T display. If you’re looking for other upgrades, say, for your desktop gaming rig, check out the best CPU for gaming in 2024 instead.

Save 28% NOW!

55-inch Sony Bravia LED TV and Dolby Atmos soundbar bundle

UHD Smart Google TV and HTA3000 3.1 ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar – Black

Why you should buy this bundle

Check out some of this bundle’s key features we’ve listed below. This way, you won’t have to go through the trouble of returning it if it doesn’t meet your expectations:

  • 4K Processor X1: Sony’s high-powered 4K Processor X1 enhances each onscreen scene to provide consistent and crisp image quality each time.
  • PlayStation 5-exclusive Features: Includes exclusive built-in features for Sony’s highly popular gaming console, like its Auto HDR Tone Mapping tech, which makes each game you play even more exciting.
  • 360 Spatial Sound: Immerse yourself in 360 degrees of surround sound with the Dolby Atmos soundbar, allowing you to hear every small crackle and whisper in each scene.

Where to buy the Sony Bravia LED TV bundle?

This bundle is only available on Best Buy, likely for a limited time. Even though Best Buy doesn’t have an end date for this offer listed, it’ll likely end sooner rather than later. So, we suggest snapping one up while it’s still available.

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