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Where to buy the LG OLED T – expected retailers

Everything you need to know about LG's upcoming transparent TV
Last Updated on March 1, 2024
An LG OLED TV in a living room with a city view available for purchase at retailers. Images shows the LG OLED T present an image on the TV, with the LG Logo on top
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Earlier this year, LG announced its plans to release the world’s first commercially sold transparent TV, the LG OLED T. This completely transparent, wireless product is set to make history within the world of high-end OLED TVs, and we can’t wait for its release! This is why we’ve decided to do some digging and find out which retailers are expected to sell it. In this article, we present our where-to-buy guide for the LG OLED T; covering the expected retailers, pre-order possibilities, features, and potential price.

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Is it possible to pre-order the LG OLED T?

In short, no not yet. LG’s announcement of its signature OLED T at CES January 2024, is the last we’ve heard about the availability of this product. LG stated that the TV would be arriving later this year and specified no specific timeframe for pre-order and release. Being a TV of such caliber it could be suggested that LG may want to wait until the other OLED TV series’ are released this year for the OLED T to make its appearance. However, this is all just speculation, and until we have official confirmation from LG we can’t be sure. To find out more about the LG OLED T’s release date rumors, click here.

No official release date means that there is no real sense of when pre-ordering may become available, so we’ll just have to wait! We’ll be keeping up-to-date on everything related to the OLED T’s release. So, stick with us if you want to be the first to know about any updates.

For now, let’s check out the retailers we expect to be selling the LG OLED T when it becomes available.

Where to buy the LG OLED T? – US expected retail

Firstly, in the US we expect the LG OLED T to be sold on Amazon and Best Buy, in addition to the official LG store of course. Follow the links below to check out the current LG listings on these platforms.

LG official store US

LG OLED T on LG store

Amazon US

LG OLED T on Amazon

Best Buy US

LG OLED T on Best Buy

Where to buy the LG OLED T? – Canadian expected retailers

Similarly, in Canada, we can expect the LG OLED T to retail on Amazon, Best Buy, and the LG store. Keep checking the links below for updates on pre-ordering.

LG official site CA

LG OLED T on LG store

Amazon CA

LG OLED T on Amazon

Best Buy CA

LG OLED T on Best Buy

Where to buy the LG OLED T? – UK expected retailers

In the UK, the LG OLED T is expected to be available on Amazon, Currys, and the official UK LG store.

LG official store UK


Amazon Uk

LG OLED T on Amazon

Currys UK

LG OLED T on Currys

What features does the LG OLED T have?

Aside from its most obviously impressive feature, the LG OLED T also hosts a range of other product specifications. Its wireless function, also found in the OLED M3, allows the user to have an uncluttered viewing experience without unnecessary cables. External devices can connect via HDMI ports in a separate zero connect box that can be placed up to 30 feet away.

The LG OLED T supports an Advanced AI processor, which allows it to complete a number of tasks. Including, switching between transparent and opaque settings, meaning the user is able to adapt the TV to their home entertainment surroundings. Additionally, the OLED T uses a contrast film feature that users can alter with their remote. This responsive design feature allows the screen to transition between both transparent and OLED displays.

How much will the LG OLED T cost?

Similarly to its release date, the LG OLED T’s price has not been officially confirmed by LG. However, considering its extremely unique features, we can most likely expect to see the LG OLED T on the higher end of the spectrum. Other similar novelty products released by LG, such as the LG OLED rollable TV, hit the market at an extremely high price of $100,000. By drawing comparisons with such products, we can likely expect to see the LG OLED T within a similar range.

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