LG M3 OLED Wireless TV: expected price, specs, release date

Wireless TV? Now we're talking.

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We’ve got all the latest info on the LG M3 OLED wireless TV: expected price, specs and release date.

LG are one of the biggest names in the electronics game, so when they release a TV, people take notice. The release of the M3 is no different. There is plenty to look forward to with this release. Following LG’s recent keynote speech at CES 2023, where they also unveiled the anticipated LG C3, we’re pretty excited about the LG M3. A wireless TV means no more messy cables. Furthermore, it’s simple to integrate the TV into your smart home set-up, if that’s your thing.

This TV isn’t completely wireless – the input cables (HDMI 2.1 and USB) plug into a separate box. This connects to the TV screen wirelessly. It’s a great idea if you’d rather the cables be hidden from sight, and makes for a more seamless-looking home entertainment set-up.

Plus, the LG M3 comes with a breath-taking visual display and a speedy refresh rate which makes it a generally great addition to any home entertainment system, whether you’re gaming or just streaming. If you’re as excited for the LG M3 OLED wireless TV as we are, check out this guide to find out more about the new television.

LG M3 OLED Wireless TV: Specs

So, what are some of the expected specs for the LG M3 OLED Wireless TV? There are a few key things to look forward to, as well as some of classic quality features we expect from LG. On the whole, it’s looking positive. However, we wouldn’t expect these mega specs to come cheap, so be prepared to splash some serious cash if you’re looking to get your hands on one of these models.

SpecLG M3 OLED Wireless TV
Sizes77″, 83″, 97″
ConnectivityWi-Fi and Bluetooth
Refresh Rate120Hz
Display TechnologyOLED
Smart TV PlatformWebOS
AudioDolby Audio
Input3 x USB ports, 3 x HDMI 2.1
LG M3 OLED Wireless TV Specs

So there are some familiar specifications the likes of which we have seen on recent releases from LG, such as the 4K resolution and high refresh rate. But these come with the addition of wireless connection, making this the world’s first ‘wireless’ OLED TV.

However, the television is not completely wire-free.

How does the LG wireless TV work?

You might be wondering – how is the LG M3 wireless? The TV itself is free of cords, instead connecting via wireless connection to the Wireless Zero Connect box, which is where the input ports are located. So although the TV itself is wireless, it still connects via a wired connection in some sense.

LG M3 OLED Wireless TV: Expected Price

When it comes to the price of the LG M3 OLED Wireless TV, we can’t give an exact figure. LG have not confirmed the cost of the device yet. However, judging from previous similar releases, the size and specs of the forthcoming model, and general speculation, we can make a estimate. Our expected price for the LG M3 OLED Wireless TV is about anything upwards of $25,000, given that is what it’s predecessor, the M2, retailed for at release.

Yes, that’s a lot of money. But for such a high quality display and the introduction of some impressive new technology, you’d be unlikely to find anything cheaper elsewhere. So if you’re keen to pick up one of these models at their release, you should probably get saving.

LG M3 OLED Wireless TV: Expected Release Date

LG have not yet given us a release date for the LG M3 OLED Wireless TV. We’re expecting a well-publicized release give the model is the first of its kind. As soon as we have a clear date for the release, we’ll be updating this page straight away. So keep us bookmarked or remember to keep checking back if you’re keen to stay on top of the latest news.

LG M3 OLED Wireless TV: Sizing

It is looking like the LG M3 will come in three different sizes. These are 77″, 83″ and the whopping 97″ models. All are pretty hefty, so if you want to get your hands on one of these devices, make sure you have ample space for it.

The big sizes of this model make it a perfect choice for home cinema systems. If you frequently watch a lot of movies and want that theater experience in the comfort of your own home, you couldn’t get much closer than that incredible 97″ screen.

What is the world’s first wireless TV?

LG does not win the award for the first wireless TV. That goes to Displace, a fairly new electronics brand which boast a completely wireless television set you simply stick to your wall. It runs on a rechargeable battery. You can link multiple 55″ screens together. Sounds cool, right?

However, there seem to be a few issues with the model which are to be expected given Displace’s lack of experience. One of these being that if the batteries get depleted, the vacuum suction tech which attaches the TV to the wall fails. Which means the TV then falls of the wall. Right…

Does LG have a wireless TV?

LG does not yet have a wireless TV on the market. The forthcoming LG M3 OLED wireless TV will be the first of its kind to be released by the brand.

We cannot say for sure when the TV will be available to the public, but our guess is some time in the coming year. Keep checking back on this page to stay in the loop for launch dates, prices, and more!

Final Thoughts

We’re still waiting to hear about the specific details surrounding the release date and price of this forthcoming release from LG. However, we’ll be updating this page with the latest news as soon as we hear it. So keep checking back with PC Guide if you want to keep on top of this exciting news.

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