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The slowest Meteor Lake CPU not mentioned on official slides has been spotted

Last Updated on March 29, 2024
Intel Core Ultra 5 115U processor advertisement next to a tablet displaying a CPU architecture image.
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It looks like Intel was keeping a bit of a secret when it comes to the Meteor Lake lineup. What previously was thought to be the slowest of the CPUs, which ranged from 9W to 28W, was changed as Intel has quietly released a lineup of SKUs that have not previously been shown off.

The most notable of the SKUs that were revealed was the Intel Core Ultra 5 115U, spotted on Geekbench Browser. This CPU is still Meteor Lake silicon but has the lowest range of specs seen in the lineup. This includes 8 cores and 10 threads, which Geekbench actually gets wrong, as the browser gives it 10 cores instead. The Core Ultra 5 115U also includes 2 P-cores and 4 E-cores, which is the lowest amount of E-cores any of the Meteor Lake lineup has had.

The not-so-ultra Intel Core Ultra 5 115U is spotted

E-cores aren’t the only spec that the Core Ultra 5 115U has the lowest score for. This Meteor Lake Intel CPU also only has 2 LP-cores and 3 Xe-Cores. This is the lowest amount of 3 Xe-cores in the lineup, as well. Each other CPU in the bunch has at least 4 Xe-cores. This makes the Intel Core Ultra 5 115U officially the slowest and most low-end of all the Meteor Lake CPUs.

However, this processor still boasts the impressive Meteor Lake silicon, including the NPU. The NPU in particular works at seemingly the same speed as all the other SKUs in the lineup. This could mean that the Core Ultra 5 is best as an AI accelerator, prioritizing the AI tasks over other functions.

While we don’t have any products out or coming up that we know to utilize the Core Ultra 5 115U, it’s still yet to be seen how well it functions. However, being tested on Geekbench is a great sign for the future. It likely won’t be long before this CPU hits the market for enthusiasts.

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