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Raspberry Pi 5 release date

There is as of yet no official Raspberry Pi 5 release date, but consumers are still readily on the hunt for the firm's next big hit
Last Updated on November 7, 2022
Raspberry Pi 5 release date
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Raspberry Pi has maintained the top spot as one of the most reliable general-purpose single-board computers for enthusiasts, makers, hobbyists, and companies. Part of its popularity is due to the firm’s low prices and performance improvements. The public, used to that fundamental quest for improvement from the company, has long been expecting its next major hit upon the inevitable Raspberry Pi 5 release date.

So far there are no official statements from the company regarding the release of the Raspberry Pi 5. In the latest interview, Raspberry Pi CEO and Founder Eben Upton told Tom’s Hardware the company wasn’t working on a new version at that point in time. Instead, it was focusing its efforts on making improvements to the Raspberry Pi 4.

Nevertheless, that was in July 2021 and many things could’ve changed up until now. According to various rumors, the Raspberry Pi 5 release date is scheduled for mid-2023. Although Upton hasn’t much about the potential product or its official debut, it wouldn’t be rare that the developers arrive with a surprise reveal, similar to what they did with the Raspberry Pi 4.

Will there be a Raspberry Pi 5?

The company will release a Raspberry Pi 5. If the rumors are to be believed, the product should be out by 2023. The reality is that Raspberry has to first overcome the multiple stock shortage problems it is encountering right now.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the shortage of components and low demand was a major blow to tech companies, like Raspberry Pi. Soon after it was relieved of these hardships, DIYers, digital makers, hobbyists, and professionals started buying up these single-board computers. The demand has been so high that the company has yet to fully meet it. Thus, consumers have constantly encountered long queues when purchasing a device.

In conclusion, Upton’s foundation must first focus on supplying the long queue before even thinking about releasing a new Raspberry product. Besides that, the company is still developing the Raspberry Pi 4 update, AKA 4A. This is a long-time promise that Raspberry users are still waiting on.

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