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Best Wireless Headphones under $50

From over the ear to sport, find the best wireless headphones for under $50
Last Updated on April 15, 2024
Best wireless headphones under 50

When listening to music, podcasts, and audiobooks a pair of great-sounding wireless headphones is almost a necessity. Thankfully, with the advancements in technology, you’re able to pick up some really great wireless headphones under $50, perfect for budget-conscious individuals who aren’t willing or simply don’t have hundreds of dollars to drop on a pricier pair. Due to there being a wide variety of different wireless headphones on the market, we’ve split our selections up into four categories – best over the ear wireless headphones, best in-ear wireless headphones, best noise-canceling wireless headphones, and best wireless headphones for sport. With these categories, we hope that you’re able to secure the perfect ones for you no matter what your key requirements are.

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Products at a Glance

How we picked the best wireless headphones under $50

To pick the best wireless headphones under $50, we scoured the market to find the absolute top tier selections in terms of battery life, type of wireless headphones, and wireless range as we believe that these are the absolute fundamentals of any wireless headphones need to get right. This is especially true when you limit yourself to a $50 budget as some manufacturers choose to prioritize some aspects over others.

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  • Stellar battery life
  • NFC connectivity
  • Comfortable
  • Only Bluetooth 4.1

First on this list of best wireless headphones under $50 is an over-the-ear pick that has some of the best battery life on the market today. Avantree isn’t necessarily the most well-known brand in the world of audio equipment but at a budget of $50, it’s these types of manufacturers who are providing some feature-rich products at a much lower price point. The Avantree Audition is one of said products.

These over-the-ear wireless headphones boast extremely soft ear-pads and an easily adjustable headband for maximum customized comfortability, allowing for long periods at your desk, watching TV, or doing daily tasks while not being annoyed by anything digging into you. They’re lightweight too, coming in at just 180g, almost creating the feeling they aren’t even on your head. Looking at the aforementioned battery life, Avantree has made magic happen by packing in 40 hours of playback time, far and above that of most, if not all similar wireless headphones under $50. If 40 hours isn’t enough, you can plug in a headphone jack and make them a wired for however long you need to, a really great feature for those who take long trips or just simply forget to charge them.

The wireless capabilities are the only place these wireless headphones fall short. They come with Bluetooth 4.1 tech, a little outdated nowadays, and provides a limited range. This means you’ll either have to carry your device at all times or sit near your PC. Not a dealbreaker for most but still something to consider. On the flip side, there are some handy wireless features such as NFC technology, allowing you to simply tap your NFC enabled device onto the headphones and away you go.

Moving to the sound, you’ll receive 40mm drivers coupled with aptX hi-fi technology enabling excellent sound reproduction alongside deep bass and clear treble. So, summing these impressive over the ear wireless headphones under $50, it’s clear to see why we’ve chosen them. They boast some brilliant sound as well as a battery life that leaves others in its dust. The only downside is that lackluster wireless range but if you’re only using them when close to your device, it shouldn’t matter too much.

  • Long battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Customizable
  • Brilliant sound

With Soundcore being a division of Anker, featured throughout our site due to their budget nature but also offering top features, you know these in-ear headphones are going to be another triumph. The Liberty Neo in-ear headphones have an incredible battery life whilst also providing superior sound quality compared to most under $50. These headphones are known as true wireless, meaning that there are no wires at all hindering your movement or annoying you at your desk. An advantage for the majority of users, removing any ties to equipment. However, being true wireless means you’ll be relying on those tiny batteries that go into in-ear headphones like these. Thankfully, as previously alluded too, Anker has spared no cost in maximizing the longevity of these things. They offer 5 hours on a single charge as well as an extra 15 hours when used in conjunction with the supplied charging case. Not only this but the case has fast charging too, providing an hours playback on 10 minutes of charge time. 

Looking at the durability, again, Anker has managed to pack in some serious specs for the price boasting IPX7 waterproof capabilities coupled with dust and sweatproof tech. Due to this waterproof aspect, you are even able to clean these in-ear headphones with water, removing any potential debris and dirt that could build up. Surprisingly, even though they are so waterproof, you’re still able to customize them to suit your ears with the plethora of supplied earbud tips and earwings, a welcomed addition for those who like to play around with different variations for different activities. Looking at the wireless range, they use Bluetooth 5.0 architecture and an LDS antenna for a stable connection, minimizing any potential interference.

Moving to the all-important sound quality, you’ll receive a wide soundstage thanks to the graphene drivers Anker has been able to implement, allowing for precise sounding notes and spoken words. There’s bass boosting technology too, performing a real-time analysis of your playback to provide up to 43% more bass. Overall, the Soundcore Liberty Neo earbuds boast an excellent battery life, impressive waterproof capabilities, and customization. The sound quality is stellar too, with great tech and honed in tones due to those graphene drivers. All of these features come together to create a budget set of in-ear wireless headphones that are at the top of their game, a perfect choice for those seeking this design.

  • Impressive noise cancellation
  • Great sound
  • Comfortable
  • Good battery life

You might think having a set of wireless headphones that have active noise canceling is simply unachievable with a $50 budget but you’d be wrong. Mpow has pulled it out the bag with their H12 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, utilizing hybrid active noise-canceling technology to bring a much pricier noise-canceling experience to a budget product. The way it works is by placing a microphone inside and outside the ear cup, enabling noise cancelation of low and mid-range frequencies to allow for maximum immersion without the hassle of hearing cars or noisy office equipment. Furthering a look at the design, you’ll receive comfort as well as function. An adjustable headband and 90° rotatable ear cups coupled with soft memory-protein ear pads make for an enjoyable experience and the folding aspect of the design allows you to easily transport them no matter how much space you have.

The 500mAh battery will give you up to 30 hours playback time and will only take between 2-3 hours to get back to that full charge. This is pretty stellar and only falling slightly short compared to the Avantree Audition. Looking at the wireless connectivity, the Bluetooth 5.0 architecture makes for great range and bettering the Avantree Audition this time.

Alongside the aforementioned noise-canceling tech, the sound quality is similarly brilliant with custom-tuned 40mm drivers delivering exceptional acoustics and deep bass. This, coupled with the Bluetooth 5.0 tech allows for rich audio to be transmitted uninterrupted, avoiding any possible interference. To conclude, the Mpow H12 wireless headphones really are at the top of the game under $50. The noise-canceling tech alone makes them worth it but when you combine that with the comfortability, battery life, and exceptional sound, it’s hard to look elsewhere.

  • Comfortable, even during sport
  • Decent battery life
  • Great sound tech
  • Brilliant value

A pair of wireless headphones that are comfortable and have the durability to cope with intensive sporting activities under $50 is a bit of a challenge. However, as with the Soundcore Liberty Neo in-ear wireless headphones, Anker has done it again with the Soundbuds Curve. 

You’ll receive an ergonomic design with comfortable ear hooks to keep those in-ear buds securely in place coupled with IPX7 full waterproof capabilities, protecting them from any sweat, rain, or even a quick rinse under the tap. Moving to the battery life, they sport up to 18 hours of playback on a full charge, more than any true wireless option, as well as fast charging functionality allowing 3 hours of listening from being plugged in for just 10 minutes. Again, similar to the Soundcore Liberty Neos, there’s a decent amount customizability with a bunch of bundled in earbuds and earwings to match what suits you. Looking at the wireless range, you’ll get about 10 meters worth, allowing you to set your device aside when working out, handy for most who really don’t want a phone banging around in their pocket.

As usual, Anker has built-in some pretty decent sound tech with 10mm composite drivers alongside ultra-elastic outer ring creating deep bass and Bio-cellulose dome for enhanced audio clarity. Summing these wireless headphones for sport up, they have clearly been designed with comfort in mind with those soft ear hooks and well thought out ergonomic nature. They’re no slouch either when looking at the sound and battery life, producing clear audio whilst still lasting up to 18 hours.

Things to consider

Battery Life

As with all wireless products, battery life is always going to need to be considered. With the small, powerful batteries of today, however, you’re still looking at some relatively great listening times, allowing uninterrupted playback for hours on end. With the selections listed above, it is clear to see that there are vast differences between which type of wireless headphones you go for, so you need to be mindful. As a general rule, due to over the ear wireless headphones being larger, you’ll probably get more life off a single charge but those true wireless in-ear headphones come with a charging case so it’s up to you as to which route you want to go down.

Wireless range

Usually, wireless range on your headphones shouldn’t cause you much of a problem as primarily you’ll have your connected device either right next to you, in your pocket, or in your backpack. However, when you’re doing other activities where you don’t have a place to keep a device on your person, having an improved wireless range is a necessity. Thankfully, with Bluetooth tech being improved with every iteration, the wireless headphone range is getting longer. With the majority of wireless headphones we’ve listed here, you’ll be getting Bluetooth 5.0 coupled with manufacturer-specific antenna technology, enabling enough range to meet most, if not all your requirements.

Type of headphones

As shown with our product selections, there are a bunch of different wireless headphone types. You’ve got over the ear, in-ear, on the ear, noise-canceling, the list goes on, so finding out which is best for your needs is crucial. Additionally, you want to think about comfort, are you someone who can’t have anything in your ears? Then in-ear headphones aren’t for you or do those ear hooks that many sporting options offer irritate you? Then true wireless headphones might be the way to go. It’s all about looking at the design and features, working out what balance is best.

Our Verdict

So, we’ve got some exception wireless headphones under $50 on offer here with certain products offering slightly different strengths. In our eyes though, if you want an over the ear selection you have to go for the Mpow H12 wireless headphones. They provide the noise-canceling that you only really see in much higher costing headphones as well as a bunch of other great features. It was hard to say no to the Auditions from Avantree simply for the battery life but there were far too many positives to turn down the Mpow H12s.

However, if over the ear isn’t your thing the Soundcore Liberty Neo true wireless in-ear wireless headphones are our top pick. They have impressive battery life for a true wireless variant as well as top durability and sound quality.