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Do I Need A Good Modem if I Have A Good Router?

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on August 11, 2023
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Modems and routers are two different devices that provide your home internet. Like in the past, they were both required, especially when there was a need for a wireless connection. However, these two aren’t needed separately in today’s modern technological era. 

So, if you have a good router and are wondering whether there is still a need for a suitable modem, the below read can help remove your confusion.

Difference Between a Modem and a Router

A modem device helps to connect your home to an ISP in the form of a physical connection. It does so by translating the data received from ISP in a simple format usable by your home network device. The three modem connections are a DSL, Dial-up, and Cable connection. However, many modern modem devices provide all-in-one service without requiring a separate router.

Conversely, a router creates a LAN (Local Area Network) connection for personal or commercial use. It does so by acquiring a direct internet connection from your modem device and then providing it ahead to your PC, laptop, smartphone, or other devices. It helps all the devices to connect with your home network so that they can communicate together.

Is a Good Modem Still Necessary With a Good Router?

Even though the router and Modem are essential to establish a good internet connection, nowadays, the latest routers can perform the task alone. The Modem is merely responsible for sending or receiving internet signals from your ISP, whereas the router helps to disperse those signals for the accessibility of all devices nearby.

As a typical connection, both a modem and router are necessary. But it is best if you have a modem and router combination device available. These combo devices will perform the functions of both Modems: to receive signals from the ISP and router: to disperse them for connectable devices. These devices are a more convenient solution. They are less costly, require less space and maintenance, and are easy to install or handle. So, choose these options instead of buying a suitable modem and router.


Having a good router and a modem isn’t an issue. Whether to have a good modem with a good router depends on what type of needs you have from them. A good modem can suffice if you wish to use the internet connection merely for yourself and your device. However, a good router is necessary to spread the connection for other use. So, it all depends on your specific needs.

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