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How to Cancel Comcast Xfinity

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on June 12, 2023
Comcast Xfinity
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Canceling your Comcast Xfinity service can be easy and quick. This guide will walk you through the simple steps to cancel your subscription and avoid unnecessary hassle.

Canceling Comcast Xfinity

These are the steps involved in the process of canceling Comcast Xfinity

Step 1 Prepare the information

Gather your account details, such as your account number, contact information, and billing details. This will ensure a smooth cancellation process and help the customer service representative you’ll be chatting to assist you effectively when you contact Comcast Xfinity for your cancelation request.

Step 2 Contact Comcast Xfinity customer service

Dial the Comcast Xfinity customer service number on their website or billing statement. Speak to a representative and state that you want to cancel your Xfinity internet service. Be ready to provide the necessary information when prompted.

Step 3 State the reason for cancellation

Clearly explain your reasons for canceling your Comcast services. Whether it’s due to cost concerns, moving to a new address or new home, or switching to a different provider/an upgrade, being clear about your reasons will help the representative understand your decision.

Step 4 Confirm the cancellation process

Ask the customer service representative to confirm the cancellation process and inquire about any potential service cancellation fees/early termination fee or obligations associated with canceling your service. Understanding the terms and conditions will ensure a smooth transition out of your Comcast Xfinity subscription. Xfinity will often instruct you on how to do this and send over an appropriate shipping label. 

Step 5 Return equipment

If you have Comcast Xfinity equipment, such as modems or cable boxes, inquire about the return process. Follow the instructions by the representative to return the equipment promptly. Failure to return/mail equipment to the service address/local Xfinity store may result in additional charges for unreturned equipment.

Step 6 Verify the cancellation

After concluding your conversation with the customer service representative, ask for confirmation that your Comcast Xfinity service has been canceled. Request an email or confirmation number as proof of cancellation for your records.

Step 7 Check your final bill

Monitor your final bill/receipt to ensure you no longer charge for Comcast Xfinity services. If you notice any discrepancies or unexpected charges, contact customer service immediately to address the issue and avoid further inconvenience.


Can I cancel my Comcast Xfinity service online?

Unfortunately, the Comcast Xfinity plan requires customers to cancel their service over the phone by contacting their customer service/cutomer care department/comcast service center. The customer service number is on the Comcast Xfinity website or on your billing statement.


To cancel Xfinity service is a straightforward process. You can easily cancel your subscription by following these simple steps and maintaining clear communication with the customer service representative of your service provider.

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