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Slow AT&T Internet – Causes and Fixes

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on June 1, 2023
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AT&T is one of the most well-recognized internet service providers in the U.S. Despite being the largest service provider; you can still face slow internet connection and wi-fi signal/speed issues. If you also face these issues, this article will help you fix the main issues.

Slow AT&T Internet – Causes and Fixes

Below are a few causes and their possible fixes for the slow AT&T internet connection:

Too Much Bandwidth Usage

A primary reason for slower AT&T internet speed can be the use of too much Bandwidth. This happens when too many devices connect to the router. It divides the Bandwidth and ultimately causes slower overall speed.

To avoid this, either cut down the number of devices connected with the AT&T router or upgrade to a better or bigger internet plan for smooth functionality. Remember your mobile devices may be connected even when you’re not using them and contribute to data usage. d

Since AT&T allows you to keep using the router of your choice along with their internet plan, ensure that the connection plan you use connects well with theirs. Moreover, ensure that the outer isn’t broken, needs a reset, is too far, or old enough to support the current connection speed on your wireless network. If any of these issues are present you may experience slow download speed, upload speed, weak signal strength, and generally slow data speeds. It’s also important to consider the layout of your home and whether or not you should use a wifi extender to overcome coverage obstacles. 

Slower AT&T Internet Plan

Sometimes the problem is very simple and evident without hassling too much on finding out about it. For example, you may have a slow internet speed plan from AT & T with further many devices connected, slowing the Bandwidth. These are referred to as network congestion/interferences and are the result of bandwidth restriction.  

As a solution, it is best to upgrade your internet speed plan to avoid any slower or frequent disconnection issues. Try considering your needs first before deciding on the internet plan.

Slow AT&T Internet – Causes and Fixes – FAQs

Is AT&T a Good ISP?

AT&T is one of the best ISPs, especially when it comes to residential internet services. They are best known for reliability, stability, fast speeds, and the best customer service. That is why it is top in the Forbes 10 Best ISP of 2023 list.


There can be many reasons for AT&T or any other internet to be slow. As in the case of AT&T, some of the possible causes and their fixes are mentioned above. You can take the necessary steps if there is any reason for the above. Otherwise, discuss it with AT&T directly for the best help for your WiFi network through AT&T customer service.

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