Microsoft release official Windows 11 ISOs – How to Download

Windows 11 is getting closer to its release date and you can now download official ISOs

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Microsoft’s Insider Program – which allows you to see new beta versions of Windows – has released official ISOs for Windows 11 for those in the program. The Windows Insider Program isn’t the finished product but will allow you to get an evolving glimpse of what’s to come.

The only thing stopping you from acquiring the latest build via ISO is being in the Insider Program, as the download page itself will be blocked and there doesn’t appear to be any real information if you were to download it from elsewhere, whether or not you’d be able to even begin logging in.

Just assume that Microsoft wants you in a development or beta ring of their Insider Program before you begin and it just happens, we have the guide for you. (It’s a few clicks and a restart away!)

Now, personally, I would never recommend installing this directly to your PC at the moment, as a clean install via the ISO will cause you to lose the ability to roll back to an older version of Windows, but you can always install the preview build to a Virtual Machine.

The latest version of the preview build brings updates to stability, calculator and upcoming is a new version of Paint – it has a dark mode.

What's new in the Windows 11 ISO?

Microsoft has revamped the installation process with this latest build, bringing with it the ability to rename the PC (why they took this out is beyond me) and a cleaner look to the whole thing. The press release states it is “to build excitement” as you go through it, but outside of it looking nicer, it’s still a Windows Install. I bet at some point in time we’ll reinstall and worry why it’s stuck at 34% or something.

The ISO is actually of an older version and during the installation process will update you to the latest build. You can also burn it to a USB Stick for installing too, plus be sure to check if your hardware is up to scratch with our CPU list and recommended motherboards – to get around if you happen to be without a TPM.

Windows 11 releases properly later this year, but in the meantime, here’s how to install it to a Raspberry Pi, because why not?

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