How To Print From Android

Print photos directly from your handset

print from android

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Printing from Android is yet another example of the PC/Handset gap becoming smaller and smaller. Rewind 15 years ago, the majority of homes had a PC or iMac for an assortment of uses. Online shopping, gaming, web surfing, and more were (more or less) confined to a keyboard and mouse. 

Looking to print from Android? It’s now easier than ever to print whilst you’re on the go or at home if you have a wireless printer. You can, of course, use your printer’s bespoke printing app (HP, Epsom, etc.) and even set up Google Cloud Print to use any printer if you’d like to.

Print From Android

Android has its built-in printing functions that are quite user-friendly, so we’re going to show you how to print out a photo or web page from a Google Pixel 5 running Android 12. These steps will be similar regardless of the handset and Android version, so don’t worry.

You can check out the Google Pixel 5 here and how to download Android 12 here.

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How To Print From Android – Photos

Users will probably use the print from Android function to print pictures mostly, so here’s how to do just that from the Google Photos app:



Select An Image To Print

From your app drawer, select the ‘Photos’ app and select the picture/pictures you’d like to print off.

Tap the three dots on the top-right, then select ‘Print’ from the pop-up menu below the image.



Print Your Image

Available printers on your home or work network will populate in the printer drop-down.

Select the relevant one, alongside your relevant print options, then tap ‘Print’.


How to Print From Android – Chrome

Another popular reason to print from Android is printing out web pages for one reason or another. This is again pretty straightforward:



Navigate To Sharing Options

From the app drawer, load up Google Chrome and navigate to the web page you would like to print out.

Click the menu dots on the top-right of the browser window and select ‘Share



Select Print Options

Navigate to the Print option, and click Print.

Much like the print option for photos, you can now select your networked printer and other print options. Tap the print icon to complete the process. 

If you have any issues printing out web pages, photos, or anything else, please check your printer user guide to make sure your wireless printer has been set up. Also, it’s good practice to have your wireless printers companion app should all else fail.

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