Can Intel 14th Gen run Windows 11? In short, yes

Will Windows and Intel's latest softwares make a good pairing?

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Let’s unpack whether or not Intel 14th Gen can run Windows 11. Intel has finally announced their anticipated 14th generation Core processors, which has been dubbed with the codename ‘Meteor Lake’. A key question for those considering upgrading is whether these new 14th Gen Intel CPUs will be compatible with Windows 11. Will Intel 14 take full advantage of the latest features or optimizations offered in Microsoft’s newest operating system? You can find out everything you need to know here.

Can you run Intel 14th Gen on Windows 11?

Now that we’ve had the official launch of Intel 14, we can confirm that the 14th generation of Intel CPUs will run on Windows 11. The good news is that all new processors from the 8th generation and higher meet the minimum system requirements for Windows 11, including support for key security features like Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0, Secure Boot, virtualization, and more.

Microsoft and Intel have collaborated closely for years to tune Windows performance on Intel hardware. This deep engineering partnership has continued with Windows 11, as Microsoft wants to ensure all the latest Intel platforms have robust driver support and are optimized to leverage Windows 11 capabilities. To get you ready for its release, we’ve got everything you need to know about the Intel 14 release date and specs here. Finally, now that pre-orders have gone live, you can read on about the expected retailers and where you can buy Intel 14th Gen.

Is Windows 11 necessary for 12th Gen Intel?

A question not too dissimilar from asking if you can run Intel 14 on Windows 11 is if you have to upgrade to the latest iteration of Windows to take full advantage of the 12th Gen Intel processors.

Well, considering that it’s the newer of the two, it’s expected that Windows 11 will generally perform on par with or slightly better than Windows 10 when paired with 12th Gen Intel processors. While the performance gains might not be consistently significant across all applications, they can be notable in specific cases such as Adobe Photoshop. Additionally, Intel’s optimizations to Thread Director for Windows 11 should provide an overall better experience with 12th Gen processors.

Considering these factors, it is advisable to plan on using Windows 11 with 12th Gen Intel Core processors. While Windows 11 may not have a drastic impact on the performance of 12th Gen Intel processors in all applications, it does offer some notable benefits. Apart from potential performance improvements in individual applications, the optimizations in Thread Director and the overall advancements in Windows 11 are likely to enhance the user experience and take better advantage of the hybrid architecture of the 12th-generation processors.

Marla’s view

Intel’s 14th Generation ‘Meteor Lake’ series of CPUs is all set to run smoothly with Windows 11. Given that Windows has optimized its software using Intel Thread Director performance-enhancing and energy-saving technology, it’s expected that not only will Intel 14th Gen run on Windows 11, but that it will run with exceptional performance. We’ll be keeping track of everything Intel 14th Gen-based, so make sure to check back to PC Guide for more information as we hear more about the release of Intel’s latest generation of processors.

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