Intel 13th Gen release date

They're not far off, and they could change the shape of home computing

Intel 13th Gene release date = hero

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Times are changing and Intel plays a protagonist part. Pat Gelsinger, Intel’s CEO, has confirmed that the Intel 13th Gen release date will be October 20.

This means ‘Raptor Lake’ processors will release some eight days after the arrival of Intel’s new Arc graphics cards.

October 2022 will be a month to remember for eternity. Now may be the time when Intel crawls up from the doom lands of delays and second places, to demonstrate to everybody why it used to be King amongst kings – and how it’s planning to wear that heavy crown again. 

Back in January 2022, Intel released their innovative Alder Lake processors family to straighten the path. It brought to the markets a new hybrid architecture, that combined larger high-performance cores (P-cores) paired with smaller high-efficiency cores (E-cores); along with the 10nm process nodes that previously seemed to be impossible.

Hearing an official statement that Intel is making October 20 the 13th Gen release date is of course exciting.

Although a stepping stone to what comes after (that being Meteor Lake), the 13th Gen chips look to be the epitome of hybrid architecture technology.

Raptor Lake will bring even more cores, both E-cores, and P-cores, and more accessibility and connectivity to support PCIe Gen 5.0 – with as many as 16 lanes off the processor.

Overall, Intel has promised the best experience for gaming, streaming, and recording on the market. It’s shown – in comparison to Alder Lake – a 15% gain in single-threaded performance. Added to a 41% gain in multi-threaded performance.

Intel has stated this will “push high frame rates and allow for unleashed gaming experiences across top titles”.

Intel 13th Gen CPU prices

And all of this improvement for almost no price bump. The starting prices for their new processors will look like this:

  • Intel i9-13900K – $589
  • Intel i9-13900KF – $564
  • Intel i7-13700K – $409
  • Intel i7-13700KF – $384
  • Intel i5-13600K – $3190
  • Intel i5-13600KF – $294

As said at the beginning of this post, October 2022 is a month to keep in our minds as the rise of an old titan. We’ll keep our eye on these changes and will dive into everything you need to know.