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Will Intel 14th Gen run Windows 12? It’s possible

Will Intel 14th Generation processors run Windows 12?
Last Updated on October 30, 2023
Will Intel 14th Gen run Windows 12? Image shows the text "Will Intel 14th Gen run Windows 12?" underneath the Intel and Windows logo, on a yellow gradient background.
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As two of some of the most anticipated upcoming tech releases, it’s time to start speculating if Intel 14th Gen will run Windows 12. Windows 12, the eagerly awaited next major release of Microsoft’s operating system, is rumored to be launching in late 2024 or early 2025. As the tech world waits for the arrival of Windows 12, there have been speculations about its compatibility with Intel’s 14th-generation Raptor Lake Refresh processors. This article will unpack everything we know so far about whether the 14th Generation of Intel CPUs will be able to run the next-gen Windows launch.

Can you run Intel 14th Gen on Windows 12?

On the whole, as we have no current release date for Windows 12, it’s too early to definitively say that Intel 14th Gen will run Windows’s latest operating system. However, recent leaks and the partnership between Intel and Windows have left people speculating that the answer to this question could end up being a yes.

A reputable Intel leaker, @leaf_hobby, recently shared a tweet indicating that Intel’s 14th-generation processors will support Windows 12 as an operating system. The Tweet has since been deleted but has still been circulating around on tech websites including Tom’s Hardware. However, it’s important to note that the tweet has since been deleted, so we should approach this information with caution. On the other hand, now that Intel 14th Gen has gone live, we do have the official information concerning the specs of Intel’s latest series of processors. They will come equipped with 16 PCI Express 5.0 lanes for a high-speed GPU, SSD, or other add-in cards. They also offer up to 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes and up to 8 DMI 4.0 lanes for fast communication for components. Notably, the processors did not introduce the new Z890 chipset, but instead opted for backwards compatible 700 and 600 series chipsets.

The leak aligns with the speculation that Microsoft is transitioning to a three-year development cycle for its Windows operating system. If this holds true, Windows 12 could indeed be released around the same timeframe as the debut of Intel’s Meteor Lake processors. On the whole, we don’t have enough concrete information on the two releases to jump to any conclusions concerning their compatibility. But, given that Microsoft and Intel are partnered to optimize hardware and software performance, it could be said that it’s likely the most advanced technologies released by the companies will work together to bring new levels of PC performance.

The implications of Windows 12 and Meteor Lake Compatibility

The potential compatibility between Windows 12 and Intel’s 14th-generation Metero Lake processors holds significant implications for both consumers and the tech industry as a whole. Intel launched the Raptor Lake Refresh line of processors a few weeks ago, but has designed them to be future-proof and compatible with both next-gen and last-gen systems. Therefore, it’s likely that when Windows 12 does eventually come out, it will be compatible with Intel 14th Gen.

However, there are rumors flying about that Intel’s more powerful line of Meteor Lake-S desktop CPUs might not launch until 2024, which could possibly coincide with the announcement of Windows 12. If Windows 12 and Meteor Lake are released around the same time, it could offer users a seamless experience, maximizing the capabilities of both the operating system and the processors. Furthermore, perhaps more people would be interested in purchasing both products together if they were simultaneously launched.

Will Intel 14th Gen be DDR5 only?

This is one question that many people have been asking ever since Intel announced its 14th Gen processor. From what we now know, we can confirm that Intel 14th Gen will support DDR5. As orders have gone live, official specs show that Intel 14th Gen processors will support two memory types, DDR4 3200 and DDR5 5600. So, the 14th Generation of Intel processors will not only support DDR5, but will retain support for DDR4 memory too.

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