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April 2021 saw the launch of the CumRocket cryptocurrency. Adult content can quickly be sold on this cryptocurrency’s exchange. 

On this market, adult content creators can be compensated in cryptocurrency and tipped with cummies, which are unique tokens.

It’s a revolutionary new approach to the multi-billion-dollar porn industry, which CumRocket Crypto aims to decentralize and reward both the creators and the fans.

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CumRocket was created to make buying and selling adult content easier using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

30-minute video clips with graphics, visuals, and audio make up most of the adult content distributed, purchased, and collected. It is possible to gain access to them through their Binance smart chain blockchain wallets.

By introducing blockchain technology, CumRocket aims to revolutionize the adult content industry and create a safe and equitable environment for 18+ communication and entertainment.  

In exchange for CUMMIES tokens, users of the platforms that CumRocket hosts can chat, text, sext, own, and subscribe to content creators in the community.



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How to buy CumRocket

The Binance Smart Chain has only recently added CumRocket as a token. PancakeSwap and CumRocket’s own exchange, CumSwap, both offer it. CumSwap and PancakeSwap offer the ability to trade BNB tokens for CUMMIES tokens.

Is CumRocket real crypto?

Tokens such as CumRocket, which several adult content creators have endorsed, appeared on prime-time live television, and even tweeted by Elon Musk, have a legitimate use case and public team.

Who are CumRocket’s founders?

CumRocket Crypto uses first names in an effort to be friendly and approachable. Lydia, the company’s CEO, is a successful software engineer and a well-known entrepreneur. She also enjoys making TikTok videos that are both entertaining and educational. She quit her full-time job to devote herself full-time to CumRocket.

CumRocket’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is Chris. He is a crypto-industry expert with a long history of work at DeFi, PSI, and SLD under his belt. As a result of Chris’s involvement, CumRocket is now valued at more than $1 million. At CumRocket Crypto, Antonio has been named CTO. He has worked in the field of computer programming for more than fifteen years. 

Antonio has contributed to projects for companies like McKinsey and National Geographic. Finally, Thomas is CumRocket’s COO. More than seven years of business and personnel management experience in the non-profit sector have prepared him for this role.