Save £150 on the Galaxy Tab S8+ in Prime Early Access

Don't wait before the savings are gone, grab this Galaxy Tab S8+ amid Amazon's Prime Early Access sale

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Typically retailing for £1,000, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ can now find a new home seeing as it’s on sale amid Amazon’s ongoing Prime Early Access.

A multitude of awesome tech products will be fitted with some hefty discounts over the course of the next few days as Amazon gears up for the holiday sales season with amazing prices on all of your favorite gear.

As tablets go, the Galaxy Tab S8+ is a midrange product that offers loads of fun in the form of gaming, video streaming, and more, now thankfully at a reasonable price.

  • Amazon Prime 30-day free trial – here

Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ Early Access deal

The Amazon prime Early Access sale will be ongoing from October 11th to October 12th, so you will have to act fast in order to nab this tablet at its steep discount. You’re getting one of the best devices in the category with an S-pen all slashed by £150.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Should I buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ on Prime Ealy Access Sale?

Although it can be a bit expensive even with the sale, the Galaxy Tab S8+ remains one of the best tablets for college and university students, a prime pickup for outgoing scholars. Especially for the fact that it includes an S-pen, you really can’t go wrong with this device, as it leverages a 4nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, one of the fastest mobile processors on the market.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ specifications & features

While the Galaxy Tab S8+ isn’t as beefy as its Ultra counterpart, the device still holds up with some awesome specs. Below is a list of all the main features that make this product stand tall even as a midrange tablet:

  • Android 12 OS
  • S-pen included
  • Dual 12 MP camera
  • 10090 mAh battery
  • AMOLED 120Hz display

Is the Galaxy Tab S8+ waterproof?

No, none of the different Galaxy tablets are waterproof and do not have any IP rating. It’s best not to bring these devices anywhere near pools or beaches unless you are keeping the tablet safe from the water.

How big is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+?

The Galaxy Tab S8+ has a display size of 12.4-inches, making it a more mid-range offering. If you want something a bit bigger, you may want to go with the Ultra, as it has a display of 14.6-inches, more than enough for gaming and movies.

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