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Now we’re looking towards Nvidia’s midrange from the Lovelace architecture, it’s almost time to welcome a new SKU in the RTX 4070 Ti. Where to buy the card though? Good question and we’ve picked out the expected retailers and key details below.

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Of course, the RTX 4070 Ti isn’t exactly a new card. It’s incredibly similar to the ‘unlaunched’ RTX 4080 12GB. And that’s because the 4070 Ti specs are pretty much the same as that gone-forever option.

Good news though, the 4070 Ti price will be $100 cheaper than the planned price of the 4080 12GB, and will start at $799. Interestingly, that’s also $100 cheaper than the MSRP of AMD’s RX 7900 XT – which created an intriguing battle at the sub £1k mark.

Price details, and the date of launch, were confirmed at Nvidia’s GeForce Beyond event at CES on January 3rd. So we also know that the official release date is Thursday, January 5th. Now, armed with a confirmed price and release date, it’s stock and availability on launch which become key.

Below we’ve provided key links to main retailers for the US, UK and CA. And we’ll be updating these and adding more direct links on January 5th.

Where to buy RTX 4070 Ti – US


Best Buy


Where to buy RTX 4070 Ti – Canada

Links will be updated when the cards become available for purchase



Where to buy RTX 4070 Ti – UK

Links will be updated when the cards become available for purchase








How much will the 4070 Ti cost?

The RTX 4070 Ti has a confirmed MSRP of $799. This doesn’t mean that it won’t cost more than this for partner cards, but it’s the base price Nvidia has set for the card. It will be the cheapest 40-series card to date and, interestingly, $100 cheaper in MSRP than AMD’s RX 7900 XT.

That makes things particularly interesting when it comes to how the two will compare in terms of performance per $USD. However, it’s unlikely that the 4070 Ti can compete on performance per watt, and on overall features.

What time does the 4070 Ti release?

We’re anticipating a release time of 6 am PT, which would be 9 am ET – and for the UK, 2 pm GMT. This is the usual time that Nvidia’s cards become available at retailers, and it was true for both the previous launch of the 4080 and the 4090 too.

It’s well worth being ready for that time, as stock usually goes fast for new graphics card launches. If you’re reading this after the time, then check the links above for stock of cards across retailers.