Where to buy AMD RX 7600 XT – pre order info US, UK, Canada

All the information you need for picking up AMD's new 1080p maestro

Where to buy the RX 7600 XT - with AMD card below PC Guide logo

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We’ve now reached the release date of AMD’s new entry-level GPU king, as Team Red looks to reinforce its current ‘low-end’ graphics card options. The move is a bit of a side-step of the current shuffle going on with Nvidia’s Super launches, but not everyone needs 1440p or 4K gaming. So should you be looking to buy the RX 7600 XT for your PC, we’ve gathered everything you need below.

For those looking to upgrade or switch up their system, the RX 7600 XT runs on the AMD RDNA 3 architecture, and uses AI technology combined with dedicated raytracing accelerators to deliver, what AMD hopes, to be best in class at 1080p. Thanks to a new AMD Radiance Display Engine, there’s even support for next-gen DisplayPort 2.1 and HDMI 2.1a-based displays – which is staggering for what many will consider an entry-level (ish) GPU. Expect high refresh rates and blistering frame rates from the RX 7600XT, providing your processor and the rest of your hardware is up to scratch.

AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT at a glance

Compute Units32
AI Accelerators65
Game Clock (GHz)2.47 GHz
Boost Clock (GHZ)2.76 GHz
Memory Interface128-bit
Infinity Cache32MB
TBPStarting at 190W
Price (USD SEP/MSRP)$329
AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT specs

We’ve seen an early listing of the card on launch day from XFX, but having said that, not all partner cards are always available at launch so it may be that you can pre order on the official ‘launch day’ for when they do become available. We’re checking availability across retailers, so if we do see any changes to pre order option we’ll be updating right here – in the meantime, we’re predicting a 9 am ET release time.

Where to buy AMD RX 7600 XT – US retailers

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the below US retailers around the launch of the new card. Based on our experience of graphics card launches, you’re most likely to be able to buy the RX 7600 XT on Best Buy and Newegg first, as Amazon can take some time to update its listings. However, we have actually seen an early listing of an XFX Speedster variant of the RX 7600 XT on Amazon on launch day. But we’ll also be keeping an eye out for updates with direct links below!


Best Buy


Where to buy the AMD RX 7600 XT – Canada retailers

For shoppers in Canada, we’d expect a similar trend as with US retailers. Newegg and Best Buy may offer earlier listings but we’ll be updating all of the links here as we see any clear changes.


Best Buy


Where to buy the AMD RX 7600 XT – UK retailers

The UK has a range of retailers we’d recommend checking out now that we’ve reached launch. Each of the below regularly gets good stock on launch day and should stock a healthy about of partner cards too. The same is true for Amazon in the UK as it is elsewhere – listings can be somewhat harder to find, but we’ll do the looking to help you do the buying.








AMD RX 7600 XT pre order info – can you buy the RX 7600 XT early?

Now that we’ve finally arrived on the 24th of January, you no longer need to worry about the hassle of pre order as the RT 7600 XT should start becoming available from your favorite brands and retailers. Instead, we’ll be keeping this article updated with all the latest information, so the second the cards land, you’ll be in the know.

Is the AMD RX 7600 high end?

The RX 7600 XT is very much a lower mid-tier card, targeting gamers that favor 1080p or 1440p resolutions. You can check out how it fares against Nvidia’s new kid on the block, the GeForce RTX 4070Ti in our comparison piece.

Is the AMD RX 7600 XT out? When does it launch?

The RX 7600 XT officially launches on Wednesday 24th January. So, listings for the card should now start going live. You can look at our dedicated RX 7600 XT release time prediction piece to get a really good idea about when we think it’ll launch.

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