AMD Zen 5 could go a whole quarter without competition from Intel

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The highly-anticipated AMD Zen 5 series of CPUs could reportedly face very little resistance upon release due to its impending (albeit unconfirmed) Q3 2024 release. The California-based semiconductor company will allegedly have its “192-Core EPYC products for sale around September,” a few months ahead of Intel’s Arrow Lake CPU series launch.

That’s according to tech YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead, who also noted that Zen 5 is set to compete well against its upcoming Intel counterparts. This is because Zen 5 is being built with a cheaper node and will provide similar, if only slightly less efficient, performance to the Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake series. And, if these release date rumors are to be believed, it would also have the tremendous advantage of an uncontested market – a crucial factor in the ever-competitive tech landscape. But, like most Intel Arrow Lake rumors, you’ll need to take this information with a generous helping of salt for now.

AMD Zen 5 allegedly gearing up for Q3 2024 launch

That said, you may not have to wait long for an official announcement. If the Zen 5 is indeed gearing up for a Q3 2024 launch, AMD could be preparing a statement soon revealing its processor lineup and their respective release dates. In the same video, Moore’s Law is Dead noted that EPYC AM5 desktop and mobility variants of Zen 5 are all ready to go, so a grand unveiling could possibly be in the works. It’s also worth noting that Zen 5 will seemingly be made public alongside the Radeon RX 8000 GPU release date, so AMD is seemingly set for a big Q3.

Sadly, Intel fans will have to remain patient a bit longer since Arrow Lake is seemingly set to launch much later, with rumors pointing at an end-of-year release. If you’re eager to find out when more upcoming launches are taking place, check out our comprehensive Google Pixel 8a release date and PS5 Pro release date speculation pages.

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