Elon Musk’s xAI to release first AI project to ‘select group’

XAI's first AI test is here but what is it working on?

XAI AI select test - Elon musk confirmed

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Elon Musk’s xAI AI company will release its first artificial intelligence project to a select group tomorrow, November 4th, Musk has confirmed. It’s been a headliner week for AI, its concerns, security risks, and discussions about regulations. And it now ends with the knowledge that something new is coming from xAI.

What that product is we don’t yet know for certain. The tweet from Musk confirming the select release was short and to the point, stating: “Tomorrow, xAI will release its first AI to a select group. In some important respects, it is the best that currently exists”.

It’s a typically enigmatic message from Musk, who on Thursday was “in conversation” with the UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, philosophizing about the future of AI and its potential impacts. That came at the end of a two-day AI Safety Summit, hosted by the UK – which ultimately resolved that governments should be able to test AI for safety to help regulate the industry.

What is xAI’s first AI project?

What xAI’s new AI project is, isn’t exactly clear. Musk has gone on record saying that xAI will seek to create an AGI (artificial general intelligence), and that could be related to a new beta program. While the xAI company homepage remains unchanged, it’s hard to gather any additional information about what may be being worked on or shared for the test.

In September, Musk’s company stated its intent to use data from users of X (formerly Twitter) to help train machine learning or AI models it is working on. Prior to this, the official xAI account on X posted that the company was “…hiring creators, teachers, and curators to help improve our models!” Adding, “If you are extremely good at writing and an expert in your field, pls DM us evidence of your most exceptional work”.

This would suggest that the new project going to a select group on November 4th is a language-relate tool or app. However, it could be a suite of tools looking to rival the likes of ChatGPT. We don’t know if the information will be made public at this stage of testing, or if more clarity will arrive afterward. But we’ll be keeping an eye on things to see what the future of xAI products is.

Editor’s note:

An earlier version of this story linked to and noted that the site xai.com has a beta sign-up for a product called XAI-Meta beta. However, it is unclear whether there is any connection with xAI, and the similarity in names may be coincidental. As such we have subsequently removed the link, as it cannot be verified that x.ai and xai.com are connected.