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Is Tidal down? Users report login issues

Are you unable to access your online music library?
Last Updated on December 1, 2023
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It seems like there are more and more reports of online services being hindered by some form of server issue. Music streaming services seem to always be on that list and quite rightly, subscribers want to know why.

This time, it’s Tidal, the Jay-Z endorsed global streaming service, which appears to be experiencing some issues. Users are reporting that they are unable to log into their accounts and instead, getting a timeout error amongst other general problems.

If you’re looking for answers, you’re not alone and we aim to help as much as we can below.

Is Tidal down?

As shown in the graph below sourced from Downdetector, there has been a huge spike in reports that Tidal is, in fact, experiencing some issues. The majority of the issues reported are in the Login category but some users are also detailing general problems with the app on their devices.

Tidal is usually a stable platform without too many errors flagging up so we hope that this is an isolated incident that can be resolved quickly. With many relying on the service we expect that Tidal will get these problems ironed out in time for your morning or afternoon commutes!

At this current time, we’re not sure why Tidal is down for some and not others but we will be sure to update this page with any updates as they develop so keep returning if you’re eager to know when you’ll be able to listen to those sweet tunes.

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