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Priciest RTX 4080 Super so far almost an ‘RTX 3060’ above MSRP

Be mindful of the value you're getting back on the RTX 4080 Super
Last Updated on January 26, 2024
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 with enhanced performance.
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Days before the launch of the highly anticipated RTX 4080 Super, costlier versions of the upcoming GPU have begun popping up in various retailers’ catalogs, and the priciest one so far is $250 more than its MSRP. For those unfamiliar, the 4080 Super will set you back $999, which, although $200 cheaper than the original 4080’s price point, is still quite expensive and impractical for most people.

Of course, with the RTX 4080 Super expected to sell out upon release, most users looking to enhance their builds will have no choice but to turn to costlier versions of the GPU, such as the Asus ROG Strix 4080 Super OC that is listed for $1249.99. But with an early benchmark leak revealing that the 4080 Super is only slightly better than the original, you’ll need to be mindful of the value you’re getting back for its exceedingly premium price tag, especially since there are much cheaper 4080 Super alternatives out there.

Room for a small GPU?

You’ll also need to remember that at this price point, you’re almost half the price difference – or nearly a whole RTX 3060’s worth – towards purchasing the highly advanced RTX 4090, which has an MSRP of $1599. For reference, we’ve seen RTX 3060s, the most popular graphics card in Steam’s December hardware survey – for £270.

If you have the money, you’d be better off getting the 4090 performance-wise, as it trumps the 4080 in every category. Nevertheless, despite its perceived shortcomings relative to its similarly powerful 4080 predecessor, the RTX 4080 Super is an undeniably powerful high-performance GPU that would improve many setups immediately – although better at the right price.

Getting your own RTX 4080 Super

If you have yet to be dissuaded from getting your own piece of the upcoming GPU, you’ll need to keep track of the RTX 4080 Super release date and time to give you an idea of when it drops. We also recommend finding out where to buy the RTX 4080 Super at launch so you won’t waste time frantically searching for retailers that have it available. Finally, if you’re having trouble deciding whether you should let go of your trusty old 3080 Ti graphics card, you’ll need to decide quickly whether it’s time to upgrade with the 4080 Super’s launch quickly approaching.

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