Samsung may introduce a crucial design change to the Galaxy Z Fold 6

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With the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 launch seemingly set to take place soon, rumors and speculation are predictably starting to…unfold. Though official details on it remain scarce, a leak from a known insider has revealed that the South Korean conglomerate may be planning to introduce a crucial design change to its next foldable smartphone: sharper screen edges similar to the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

According to tech tipster Ice Universe, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 will have edges as close to a true right angle as possible. Of course, sharper edges mean you can enjoy a wider display – a small but welcome step up from the rounded edges of its predecessor, the Z Fold 5. In addition, this report reinforces the previously leaked Galaxy Z Fold 6 pics, which could mean an official announcement is imminent. However, since these details have yet to be confirmed, you’ll need to take them with a grain of salt, like the rest of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 rumors.

The rest is a lateral move

Unfortunately, aside from its significant form factor change, Ice Universe revealed on Twitter/X that some features, like its camera, wouldn’t receive any enhancements. According to them, the Galaxy Z Fold 6’s camera would be the same as the Fold 4 and 5, much to the chagrin of those looking forward to its release. With Samsung yet to officially announce its specs, however, there may yet be other significant updates in store for the upcoming foldable smartphone.

Luckily, you probably won’t have to wait too long for an announcement since Samsung has released most Z fold entries, dating back to the third generation, in August. With this in mind, we expect an official reveal at some point in July, though we’ll continue to keep an eye out and provide updates if any changes come up. Until then, check out our page on the OnePlus Open vs. Galaxy Z Fold 5 to learn more about these smartphone options.

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