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The battery for the Samsung Galaxy S10+ has been certified, and it could signal an August release

Last Updated on March 19, 2024
A Samsung Galaxy S10 tablet with its keyboard accessory detached and placed above it, against a purple background with a calendar and a Klarna logo icon floating to the right.
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It’s a big year for Samsung, with tons of new products slated for release. One of the most hyped-up pieces of tech is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S10+. Fans should be getting excited, as the tablet could be coming as early as August, as indicated by a recent battery certification.

Found by MySmartPrice, the supposed battery for the Galaxy Tab S10+ has recently been certified. The battery numbers, EB-BX828ABE and EB-BX828ABY respectively, can be found online through the certification website SafetyKorea. This is a sign that production is going ahead as planned, as the battery passing certification is a great sign for the tablet. The tablet could even be debuted as early as August. That’s if Samsung follows its pattern, since the S9 was released in August 2023.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S10+ could be coming as soon as August

Unfortunately, there was no further information revealed by the leak. While battery certification is a big step, it’s not a confirmation of anything. The tablet’s release date still remains unknown, and while it could be coming in August, there’s nothing concrete. The Galaxy S10+ could be farther off than this, even having users wait until 2024 to get their hands on it.

Samsung has a lot on its release schedule this year, from new phones to new watches. Their line of foldable phones is getting an upgrade, with the Galaxy Z Fold line rumored to be coming out in late 2024. The Galaxy Watch 7 is also expected to launch in July this year. With so much on their hands already, the S10+ tablet may have to wait.

However, until more news is released from Samsung, everything is still speculation. Users will just have to wait. Android tablets have never been quite as popular as Apple, but Samsung still makes solid tablets. It will be exciting to see what the Galaxy S10+ is able to bring us, no matter how long we have to wait.

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