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There’s an easy way to disable OneDrive on Windows 11 after all

Last Updated on March 11, 2024
Microsoft OneDrive logo on a blue and purple gradient background with a "guide" icon in the upper left corner, optimized for Windows 11.
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If you’re tired of the endless issues Microsoft’s OneDrive software brings, you may have been (unsuccessfully) looking for a way to remove it from your system. Luckily, a recent document update finally gives Windows 11 users the confirmation they need to finally unlink the oft-criticized cloud storage app from their PCs.

According to Neowin, Microsoft’s page instructing users on how to “turn off, disable, or uninstall OneDrive” previously didn’t indicate that it could be done on Windows 11, hence the community’s collective confusion. However, the world-renowned tech company has now updated the page in question, essentially giving disgruntled users the green light to remove the app. It is worth noting, though, that removing OneDrive from rigs running Windows 11 was always possible, lack of official documentation aside.

Windows users continue to be frustrated by OneDrive

Despite Microsoft finally confirming the ability to uninstall OneDrive from PCs, users continue to be frustrated by the ever-present app. Over on Reddit, one user created a thread about losing hundreds of photos after each one had already been uploaded to the cloud service. The cause of the sudden data loss is unclear, and, unfortunately, they couldn’t recover it even after contacting Microsoft support.

A few commenters chimed in with their own experiences, with one saying they lost “every picture and document [they’ve] had since 2009.” After contacting support, a representative revealed that this is apparently an ongoing issue. “The scenario like yours where we see the items being deleted [from] the logs, but the folders remain on your device, is one we have observed in the past. It’s related to the delete methodology used by OneDrive, and it is something we are working on changing, we are aware of the jarring experience this leaves and are working to improve it,” the customer service rep noted.

Alas, these issues don’t seem likely to end soon, which is why more people are looking to remove OneDrive from their systems. Fortunately, this slight change to the OneDrive support document should at least give most users looking to uninstall the app some peace of mind.

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