Can the OnePlus Open be charged wirelessly? In short, no

Can you use a wireless charger with the OnePlus Open?

Can the OnePlus Open be charged wirelessly? In short, no. Image shows the OnePlus Open next to a blue battery and a blue question mark, on a light blue pink gradient background.

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The first foldable phone from OnePlus captivated the smartphone market with its host of impressive features, including its huge battery – but can the OnePlus Open be charged wirelessly? The inclusion of a more than capable battery and fast charging speeds have become something of a trademark for OnePlus, so it’s only natural that people are wondering what the OnePlus Open offers in this department. So, in this article, we’ll explain whether or not the OnePlus Open can be charged wirelessly, as well as answer some other frequently asked questions about the charging capabilities of the device.

Can the OnePlus Open be charged wirelessly?

Unfortunately, the OnePlus Open does not support wireless charging. OnePlus made the controversial decision not to include this feature in its foldable flagship, citing the phone’s support for high-speed wired charging as the primary reason for its absence. Additionally, the oversized circular camera at the back of the device may interfere with the placement of the phone on a wireless charger.

While the OnePlus 11 also missed out on wireless charging, the company is clearly taking on criticism, with its newest flagship, the OnePlus 12, getting wireless charging of up to 50W. Therefore, if wireless charging is a priority for you, the OnePlus Open may not be the ideal choice, but perhaps OnePlus will bring this feature onto its future flagship foldables.

How fast can the OnePlus Open charge?

While the OnePlus Open may not have wireless charging, it compensates for this with its impressive wired charging capabilities. The device supports 67W wired charging speeds, allowing it to charge from 0 to 100% in roundabout 40 minutes. However, it’s important to note that to achieve these high-level charging speeds, you’ll need to make use of the official OnePlus charger that comes included with the phone – the OnePlus 67W Power Adapter.

How to charge the OnePlus Open

In order to charge your OnePlus Open smartphone, you’ll need to first locate the included 67W wired charger. Simply connect the charger to the USB Type-C port on the device and plug it into a power source. Unsurprisingly, the OnePlus Open will then begin charging rapidly, allowing you to quickly top up its battery level and enjoy the uninterrupted use of your device.

Can I charge the OnePlus Open while it’s folded?

Yes, you can indeed still charge the OnePlus Open while it’s in its folded state. Simply connect the charger to the USB Type-C port on the device, and it will charge regardless of whether it’s currently folded or unfolded. If you prefer to enjoy the 6.31-inch 2K OLED outer cover display, or the even bigger 7.82-inch inner foldable display, you won’t have a problem with popping your phone on charge while you do.

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Can I use a third-party charger with the OnePlus Open?

Of course, you’re able to use any third-party USB-C charger with your OnePlus Open. However, it’s obviously recommended to use the official OnePlus charger that comes with the device, as these third-party chargers may not provide the same charging speeds, and could even end up potentially damage the device’s battery.

Charging accessories for the OnePlus Open

While wireless charging might not be supported on the OnePlus Open, there are a variety of charging accessories available that can enhance your charging experience. For example, you can opt for a high-quality USB Type-C cable that supports fast charging to ensure optimal charging speeds. Additionally, portable power banks can be a convenient option to keep your OnePlus Open charged up when you’re on the go.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, while the OnePlus Open unfortunately doesn’t support wireless charging, it compensates for it with its fast wired charging capabilities. The phone’s 67W wired charging speeds via the OnePlus charger allow for quick and efficient charging, making it a reliable choice for users who prioritize battery life and charging speed. However, if wireless charging is a must-have feature for you, there are other foldable smartphones on the market that offer this capability, such as the notable Galaxy Z Fold 5 or the Pixel Fold.

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