Will the Galaxy S24 Ultra have the S Pen? It’s likely

Will the Galaxy S24 Ultra keep Samsung's favorite stylus?

Will the Galaxy S24 Ultra have the S Pen? Image shows the text "Will the Galaxy S24 Ultra have the S Pen?" underneath the Samsung logo on a purple orange gradient background.

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The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Ultra is poised to elevate the flagship Android smartphone experience with its cutting-edge features and powerful performance – but will the Galaxy S24 Ultra have the S Pen? One of the most exciting aspects of the upcoming device is the potential return of the beloved S Pen, Samsung’s well-renowned stylus that pairs with its Galaxy devices, allowing users to doodle, sketch, and navigate their devices with ease. In this article, we will explore the latest information and rumors surrounding the Galaxy S24 Ultra S Pen to unpack whether or not it will be included on the latest Galaxy Ultra smartphone.

Will the Galaxy S24 Ultra have the S Pen?

Samsung enthusiasts will be thrilled to learn that it seems likely that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will indeed come with the highly sought-after S Pen. Sourced via an article on Forbes, paperwork filed with Anatel lists a new S Pen with the model number EJ-PS928. This model number aligns with the SM-S928 associated with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, leaving no doubt about the seamless integration of the S Pen with the device. It’s also worthwhile knowledge that the model’s lettering pattern matches up with the S Pen of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which shares a similar model number to its smartphone device.

The inclusion of the S Pen in the Galaxy S series Ultra handsets is not entirely surprising, as Samsung has previously bundled the stylus with the Galaxy S23 Ultra and S22 Ultra. These devices featured a dedicated slot to store the S Pen, signalling Samsung’s commitment to providing a versatile and productivity-focused smartphone experience. With the discontinuation of the separate Note series, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s S Pen integration will undoubtedly satisfy users who rely on the stylus for note-taking, drawing, and other creative tasks.

Although the Bluetooth certification confirms the potential presence of the S Pen, it does not reveal any additional details about new features or capabilities. However, considering Samsung’s track record of innovation, it is reasonable to expect enhancements that will further enhance the S Pen experience.

Which Galaxy has a built-in S-Pen?

All the Samsung Galaxy Note model comes with a built-in S Pen. Additionally, all Galaxy S Ultra phones from the S21 Ultra support the S Pen. However, only the S22 Ultra and newer models feature built-in styluses. Aside from the Galaxy S series, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and 3 also support the S Pen, but their support is specific to the Fold Edition stylus.

Final thoughts

So, while it’s not yet officially confirmed by Samsung, the confirmation of Bluetooth technology for a Galaxy S24 Ultra S Pen does point towards its likely return to the high-end model of Galaxy smartphones. Rumors have been circulating surrounding the new Galaxy S24 releases, and we’ve also weighed in on the possible Galaxy S24 colors, as well as how big the Galaxy S24 display will be before the smartphone’s announcement in the first quarter of 2024.

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