PCGuide: How To Best Use Sentinels in Valorant

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Killjoy - sentinels in valorant

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For those that prefer to play Valorant in a defensive style, you have probably considered using one of the agents known as Sentinels in Valorant. Sentinels are perfect for defensive play or lurking and can go a long way to assisting the rest of the team.

Sentinel Types in Valorant

There are currently four Seninls to choose from, each with their own abilities (Sage, Cypher, Killjoy, Chamber). These types of agents are great for anchoring a bomb site and locking down sections of the map but they can be tricky to play if you are new to the game.

Sentinel Types: How to use Sentinels in Valorant

To use a Sentinel effectively, you must remember your job is to defend. You need to set your traps in key positions or choke points, slowing down the enemy team’s entry into the bomb site. Traps will help your team kill enemies during an execute or at least slow them down, giving your teammates a chance to rotate.

You will need to mix up the placement of your traps to keep the other team on their toes and should avoid playing aggressively unless the round calls for it. You can use walls or turrets to lock down portions of the map or slow down an early-round rush. 

Killjoy has a turret that lets you know where the enemy players are and lock down a pathway to the bomb site. Her other abilities (Alarm bot, Nano swarms) are great for delaying rushes. Sage’s wall is an excellent way to slow down an enemy rush or execute. If timed well, the wall can give your team the upper hand in the round.

Trying Sentinels in Valorant

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